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Package to provide translation methods for pyramid, and means to reload translations without stopping the application

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pyramid_localize is a pyramid extension providing ready-to-use, translation functionality for your pyramid based projects. All you need is to add Babel, and add some configuration. localize provides also a web interface that allows you to reload translations live, without reloading application.

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pip install pyramid_localize

or add pyramid_localize to your requirements.


You’ll need: packages defined in extra_requires[tests] to run tests, and then:

python nosetests



  • weaker pyramid_yml requirements. Use registry['config'] instead of request.config which gets added only when explicitly including tzf.pyramid_yml package.

  • deprecated request.locale in favour of request.locale_name delivered by Pyramid 1.5

  • moved locale negotiator into it’s own submodule

backward incompatible

  • required cookie name changed to _LOCALE_ to be consistent with other places

  • fixed a typo from catalog to catalogue


  • refactor tests to pytest

  • introduced pylama checks for:
    • pep8

    • pyflakes

    • pep257

    • mccabe

  • license information

  • requires at least pyramid 1.5a1 (rely on default localizer reify method)

  • py3 compatibility (require at least babel 1.0)

  • locale negotiator looks first for request attribute _LOCALE_

  • added pyramid_mako dependency (required by pyramid 1.5a2 changes)


  • fixes in catalog/index template [zusel, fizyk]

  • destination path added in translation_dirs as a translation source as well [fizyk]


  • fix issue with translation files path beeing not related to cwd [fizyk]


  • fixed [fizyk]


  • initial release [fizyk]

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