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pyramid_ldap provides LDAP authentication services for your Pyramid application. Thanks to the ever-awesome SurveyMonkey for sponsoring the development of this package!

See the documentation at for more information.

This package will only work with Pyramid 1.3 and later.


pyramid_ldap uses pyldap which in turn requires libldap2 and libsasl2 development headers installed.

On Ubuntu 16.04 you can install them using the command apt-get install libldap2-dev libsasl2-dev.

0.3.1.post1 (2018-05-15)

  • version changed in

0.3.1 (2018-05-15)

  • Added wheels license to setup.cfg

0.3 (2018-05-15)

  • Python 3 is now supported! This is possible thanks to python-ldap supporting python 3

  • BREAKING CHANGE: pyramid_ldap now depends on python-ldap >= 3.0, which supports python 2 and 3. If you upgrade pyramid_ldap without upgrading python-ldap, you will see failures where python-ldap receives text arguments instead of bytes. See below for more information.

  • python-ldap >= 3.0 stopped accepting bytes type arguments for many LDAPObject methods. We now use the pyramid.compat.text_ function to support text arguments for python 2 and 3.

  • In versions 0.2 and lower, invalid LDAP strings passed to pyramid_ldap.Connector.authenticate would raise ldap.FILTER_ERROR. In 0.3 and up we use ldap.filter.escape_filter_chars to properly escape these prior to running the LDAP search. Applications using pyramid_ldap have always been responsible for making sure the login value fits the ldap.login_filter_tpl setting in their application. However, if you relied on ldap.FILTER_ERROR to catch bad username formats (such as CORP\username, where the unescaped \ is disallowed in LDAP searches), note that now authenticate will return None instead.

  • Use tox for testing against Python 2.7, 3.6, PEP8, coverage and building docs. Setup Travis CI to run tox. Use pylons-sphinx-themes to fix broken Read The Docs builds. See:



  • Initial version

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