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Sendmail package for Pyramid

Project description

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pyramid_mailer is a package for sending email from your Pyramid application. It is compatible with Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5, as well as PyPy.

This package includes:

  1. Wrapping the low-level Python email library with an easy-to-use API, which includes attachments and mulipart content.

  2. Send emails immediately or to add to a maildir queue.

  3. Managing email sends inside a transaction, to prevent emails being sent if your code raises an exception.

  4. Features to help with unit testing.

pyramid_mailer uses the repoze.sendmail library for managing email sending and transacton management, and borrows code (with permission) from Zed Shaw’s lamson for wrapping email messages. See the LICENSE.txt file for more information.


0.15.1 (2016-12-13)

  • Pull #83: Add the new .bind method to the DebugMailer and the DummyMailer. Also pyramid_mailer.testing and pyramid_mailer.debug now add the request.mailer request attribute.

0.15 (2016-12-06)

  • Pull #49: Support ‘7bit’ and ‘8bit’ transfer-encoding.

  • Pull #70: If username and password are both set to the empty string, Mailer.from_settings, now interprets them as being set to None. Previously, setting them to the empty string caused SMTP authentication to be force with empty username and password.

  • Pull #71: Add a content_id argument to the Attachment constructor which allows you to set the Content-ID header so you can reference it from an HTML body.

  • Pull #72: Change file extension to .eml for mails saved from DebugMailer. .eml is the standard file format for storing plaintext MIME (rfc822) emails.

  • Pull #77: Drop Python 2.6 and 3.2 support.

  • Add Python 3.5 support.

  • Pull #78: Support per-request transaction managers if available via set by pyramid_tm.

0.14.1 (2015-05-21)

  • Enable compatibility testing with Pyramid all the way back to 1.2. It may work earlier but we aren’t testing it any longer.

  • Fix a bug where the mailer.debug ini option was not properly being cast to an int. This did not show up on Python 2 because string to int comparisons are valid there but it was a latent bug. See

0.14 (2014-12-10)

  • Added support for Python3.4, PyPy3.

  • Pull #56: Ensure that DebugMailer emulates Mailer by generating a sender if none is passed.

  • Pull #52: Add configuration options for mail.sendmail_app and mail.sendmail_template to allow use with non-default sendmail configurations.

  • Pull #50: Add pyramid_mailer.debug shorthand: via one line in development.ini, enables writing emails to a file instead of sending them.

0.13 (2013-07-13)

  • Pull #45: Default transfer encoding for mail messages is now ‘quoted-printable’.

0.12 (2013-06-26)

  • Pull #35: aadded support for sendmail binary via repoze.sendmail >= 4.0b2.

  • Remove “all_parts” and “attach_all_parts” from MailResponse object (unused by pyramid_mailer).

  • The Attachment class no longer supports reading data from the a file based on the filename it is passed. Instead, use the filename argument only as something that should go in the Content-Disposition header, and pass a filelike object as data.

  • Major code overhaul: nonascii attachment sending now actually works, most of the code stolen from Lamson was gutted and replaced.

  • Requires repoze.sendmail >= 4.1

0.11 (2013-03-28)

  • Issue #29: Allow setting Content-Transfer-Encoding for body and html via Attachments.

  • Issue #32: Fix handling of messages with both HTML and plain text bodies that also have attachments.

  • Issue #24: ensure that pyramid_mailer.response.to_message returns text under Python 3.x.

  • Dropped support for Python 2.5.

0.10 (2012-11-22)

  • Set default transfer encoding for attachments to base64 and allow an optional transfer_encoding argument for attachments. This currently supports base64 or quoted-printable.

  • Properly handle Mailer.from_settings boolean options including tls and ssl.

  • Support dev (installs testing dependencies).

  • Use dev in tox.ini.

0.9 (2012-05-03)

  • Add a test for uncode encoding in multipart messages.

  • Depend on repoze.sendmail >= 3.2 (fixes unicode multipart message encoding).

0.8 (2012-03-26)

0.7 (2012-03-26)

  • Packaging release

0.6 (2012-03-20)

  • Python 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, and pypy compatibility.

  • Remove explicit Jython support. It may work, but we no longer test it using automated testing.

  • Requires repoze.sendmail 3.0+.

  • More descriptive exception raised when attempting to send cc-only or bcc-only messages. See

0.6 (2012-01-22)

  • Use ‘,’ as an email header field separator rather than ‘;’ when multiple values are in the same header (as per RFC822).

  • Allow lists of recipient emails to be tuples or lists (previously it was just lists).

  • Don’t include Bcc header in mail messages (breaks secrecy of BCC). See

0.5.1 (2011-11-13)

  • Fixed a bug where the mailer was only sending email to addresses in the “TO” field.

0.5 (2011-10-24)

  • Drop Lamson dependency by copying Lamson’s MailResponse and dependent code into pyramid_mailer.response.


  • pyramid_mailer.includeme function added for config.include('pyramid_mailer') support

  • pyramid_mailer.testing module added for config.include('pyramid_mailer.testing') support.

  • pyramid_mailer.get_mailer API added (see docs).

  • pyramid_mailer.interfaces module readded (with marker IMailer interface for ZCA registration).

  • setup.cfg added with coverage parameters to allow for nosetests --with-coverage.

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