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Pyramid web framework session factory backed by Redis

Project description

pyramid_redis_sessions gives you Redis-backed sessions for the Pyramid Web Application Development Framework.

The package implements the Pyramid ISession interface (, and that portion of the API will not change. However, any other implementation-specific methods on the RedisSession object are subject to change.

Patches and feature requests are welcome.


  • $ easy_install pyramid_redis_sessions

  • In your Pyramid config file (typically development.ini or production.ini), configure the settings (see below)

  • In your Pyramid application main function, use either:

    • pyramid.include(‘pyramid_redis_sessions’)

  • Or:

    • from pyramid_redis_sessions import session_factory_from_settings

    • session_factory = session_factory_from_settings(settings)

    • config.set_session_factory(session_factory)

You can configure the following settings in your ini file:

  • redis.sessions.secret = your_secret

  • redis.sessions.timeout = 1200

  • redis.sessions.period = 300

  • redis.sessions.cookie_name = session

  • redis.sessions.cookie_max_age =

  • redis.sessions.cookie_path = /

  • redis.sessions.cookie_domain =

  • redis.sessions.cookie_secure = False

  • redis.sessions.cookie_httponly = False

  • redis.sessions.cookie_on_exception = True

  • = localhost

  • redis.sessions.port = 6379

  • redis.sessions.db = 0

  • redis.sessions.password = None

  • redis.sessions.socket_timeout =

  • redis.sessions.connection_pool =

  • redis.sessions.charset = utf-8

  • redis.sessions.errors = strict

  • redis.sessions.unix_socket_path =

Only redis.sessions.secret is required. All other parameters have sensible defaults.

Note: package assumes you have a running Redis instance at the specified host and port.


-Initial Release

-09/24/2012: 0.9 beta release

-11/12/2012: raise ConfigurationError if required redis.sessions.secret setting

is missing.

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