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Gevent-based Socket.IO pyramid integration and helpers

Project description

Gevent-based Socket.IO integration for Pyramid (and WSGI frameworks)

To use the server, either run:

socketio-serve development.ini
socketio-serve-reload development.ini

or tweak your <code>[server:main]</code> section in your development.ini to:

use = egg:pyramid_socketio#sioserver_patched resource =
host =
port = 6555

otherwise, follow instructions given for <code>pastegevent</code>.

Simple in-Pyramid usage:

### somewhere in a Pyramid view:
from pyramid_socketio import SocketIOContext, socketio_manage

class ConnectIOContext(SocketIOContext):
"""Starting context, which will go one side or the other"""
def msg_connect(self, msg):
if msg.get('context') not in contexts:"error", error="unknown_connect_context",
msg="You asked for a context that doesn't exist"))
# Waiting for a msg such as: {'type': connect', 'context': 'section'}
newctx = self.switch(contexts[msg['context']])
if hasattr(newctx, 'startup'):
# Returning a new IOContext switches the WebSocket context, and will
# call this context's methods for next incoming messages.
return newctx

def msg_login(self, msg):
# Do the login, then wait for the next connect
self.request.session.user_id = 123
print "Logged in, session created and"

class SectionIOContext(SocketIOContext):
def startup(self, connect_msg):
print "Started the section context"
self.my_id = connect_msg['section_id']
# TODO: make sure we don't leak Sessions from MongoDB!
from intr.models import mdb # can't import globally, because of Pyramid
self.db = mdb
self.conn = BrokerConnection("localhost", "guest", "guest", "/")
self.chan =
self.queue = Queue("session-%s" %,
durable=False, exclusive=True,
routing_key="section.%s" % self.my_id)

self.producer = Producer(self.chan, exchange=my_exchange,
routing_key="section.%s" % self.my_id)
self.consumer = Consumer(self.chan, [self.queue])

# Do we need this ? Please fix the session instead, have a new one
# init'd for each incoming msg, or when calling save(), re-create a new
# SessionObject.
request = self.request
self.user = request.session['user']
self.temporary = request.session['temporary']
self.user_id = request.session['user_id']

def consume_queue_message(self, body, message):
"""Callback when receiving anew message from Message Queue"""
# Do something when received :)
print "Received message from queue:",, body

def queue_recv(self):
"""Wait for messages from Queue"""
# consume queue...
while True:
if not

# Socket messages
def msg_memorize(self, msg):
# "memorized" is the 'type' attribute, any other kwarg added will be
# added to the JSON object.
self.msg("memorized", some="thing")

def msg_forget(self, msg):
self.error("error_code", "Error message")

def msg_change_privacy(self, msg):

def msg_get_members(self, msg):

def msg_enter_game(self, msg):
return self.switch(SomeOtherIOContext)

contexts = {'section': SectionIOContext,
'somewhereelse': SocketIOContext,

# SOCKET.IO implementation
def socket_io(request):
"""Deal with the SocketIO protocol, using SocketIOContext objects"""
# Offload management to the pyramid_socketio module

retval = socketio_manage(ConnectIOContext(request))
#print "socketio_manage ended"
return Response(retval)

#### Inside for your Pyramid application:
def main(..):
config.add_static_view('', 'intr:static')
config.add_route('socket_io', '*remaining')

In the routes and view configurations, '' is the "resource" specified either in the server (under [server:main], key=resource), and is by default "". This is pretty much a standard..



- CHANGES and README added to description.


- Help updated


- Initial release
- Support for paster server plugin
- Provide with command-line servers
- socketio-serve
- socketio-serve-reload

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