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Toolset for granular and live profiling

Project description

Pyrofiler Documentation Status

Toolset for granular memory and cpu live profiling

Quick start

Contextmanager that measures time of execution

# examples/
import pyrofiler
import time

with pyrofiler.timing('Time elapsed'):
$ python
Time elapsed : 1.001563310623169

Decorators for profiling functions

# examples/
import pyrofiler

@pyrofiler.cpu_util(description='Cpu usage')
@pyrofiler.timed('Time elapsed')
def sum_series(x, N):
    return sum([x**i/i for i in range(1, N)])

sum_series(.3, 1000_000)
$ python
Time elapsed : 0.13478374481201172
Cpu usage : 29.4

Aggregate the results in common context:

# examples/
from pyrofiler import Profiler
import time

prof = Profiler()

with prof.timing('Time 1'):

with prof.timing('Time 2'):

print('Profiling data recorded:')
$ python
Time 1 : 1.0011215209960938
Time 2 : 1.5020403861999512
Profiling data recorded:
{'Time 1': 1.0011215209960938, 'Time 2': 1.5020403861999512}

You can use other actions, for example appending results to some list in data. Check the documentation for more use cases


There are following types of objects in pyrofiler:

  1. Measures, which are run as a context manager

  2. Decorators, that are based on measures

  3. Profiler class that uses decorators to aggregate data


The decorators have an optional argument callback, to which you can pass a function that will handle the data. The function will be passed profiling results as a first argument, as well as any other arguments that you provided to original decorator.

Here, a custom spice argument is provided

def print_spicy_time(time, spice):
    print(f'Spice {spice} took {time} seconds')

@pyrofiler.timed(spice='spicy', callback=print_spicy_time)
def spicy_sleep():

Similar products


Either you have a cli tool that profiles memory and cpu, but no code api for granular data

or you have stuff like decorators and no memory profiling

Having a live dashboard would help also, use for that


  • TODO


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.


0.1.0 (2020-03-04)

  • First release on PyPI.

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