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Python Netlink library

Project description

Python network configuration library

PyRoute2 uses Netlink protocol to communicate with the Linux kernel and get/set all the information kernel network objects.


  • remote: sasl authentication

  • rtnl: bridge info: see ./net/bridge/br_netlink.c:br_fill_ifinfo()

  • rtnl: traffic control – work with queue disciplines


More samples you can read in the project documentation. Here is just a small snippet:

from pyroute2 import iproute
ip = iproute()
print ip.get_links()

The project contains several modules for different types of netlink messages, not only RTNL.


make install or easy_install pyroute2


Python >= 2.6


  • 0.1.7
    • ipdb: interface creation: dummy, bond, bridge, vlan

    • ipdb: if_slaves interface obsoleted

    • ipdb: ‘direct’ mode

    • iproute: code refactored

    • examples: create() examples committed

  • 0.1.6
    • netlink: tc ingress, sfq, tbf, htb, u32 partial support

    • ipdb: completely re-implemented transactional model (see docs)

    • generic: internal fields declaration API changed for nlmsg

    • tests: first unit tests committed

  • 0.1.5
    • netlink: dedicated io buffering thread

    • netlink: messages reassembling

    • netlink: multi-uplink remote

    • netlink: masquerade remote requests

    • ipdb: represent interfaces hierarchy

    • iproute: decode VLAN info

  • 0.1.4
    • netlink: remote netlink access

    • netlink: SSL/TLS server/client auth support

    • netlink: tcp and unix transports

    • docs: started sphinx docs

  • 0.1.3
    • ipdb: context manager interface

    • ipdb: [fix] correctly handle ip addr changes in transaction

    • ipdb: [fix] make up()/down() methods transactional [#1]

    • iproute: mirror packets to 0 queue

    • iproute: [fix] handle primary ip address removal response

  • 0.1.2
    • initial ipdb version

    • iproute fixes

  • 0.1.1
    • initial release, iproute module

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