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Micro Neural Network framework implemented in Rust w/ Python bindings

Project description

# pyrus-nn

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Lightweight neural network framework written in Rust, with _thin_ python bindings.

- Features:
- Serialize networks into/from YAML & JSON!
- Rust -> serde compatible
- Python -> `network.to_dict()` & `Sequential.from_dict()`
- Python install requires _zero_ dependencies
- No external system libs to install

- Draw backs:
- Only supports generic gradient descent.
- Fully connected (Dense) layers only so far
- Activation functions limited to linear, tanh, sigmoid and softmax
- Cost functions limited to MSE, MAE, Cross Entropy and Accuracy

### Install:

pip install pyrus-nn # Has ZERO dependencies!

pyrus-nn = "0.2.1"

### From Python
from pyrus_nn.models import Sequential
from pyrus_nn.layers import Dense

model = Sequential(lr=0.001, n_epochs=10)
model.add(Dense(n_input=12, n_output=24, activation='sigmoid'))
model.add(Dense(n_input=24, n_output=1, activation='sigmoid'))

# Create some X and y, each of which must be 2d
X = [list(range(12)) for _ in range(10)]
y = [[i] for i in range(10)], y)
out = model.predict(X)



### From Rust
use ndarray::Array2;
use pyrus_nn::{network::Sequential, layers::Dense};

// Network with 4 inputs and 1 output.
fn main() {
let mut network = Sequential::new(0.001, 100, 32, CostFunc::CrossEntropy);
network.add(Dense::new(4, 5)).is_ok()
network.add(Dense::new(5, 6)).is_ok()
network.add(Dense::new(6, 4)).is_ok()
network.add(Dense::new(4, 1)).is_ok()

let X: Array2<f32> = ...
let y: Array2<f32> = ..., y.view());

let yhat: Array2<f32> = network.predict(another_x.view());


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