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Lightweight Natural Language Processing for Indonesian Language.

Project description


Lightweight Natural Language Processing for Indonesian Language.

Design Plan

Planned Pipeline Description
🟠 Language A text-processing pipeline.
🟡 Tokenizer Segment text, and create Doc objects with the discovered segment boundaries.
🟠 Lemmatizer Determine the base forms of words.
🟡 Morphology Assign linguistic features like lemmas, noun case, verb tense etc. based on the word and its part-of-speech tag.
🟠 Tagger Annotate part-of-speech tags on Doc objects.
🔄 DependencyParser Annotate syntactic dependencies on Doc objects.
🔄 EntityRecognizer Annotate named entities, e.g. persons or products, on Doc objects.
🔄 TextCategorizer Assign categories or labels to Doc objects.
🔄 Matcher Match sequences of tokens, based on pattern rules, similar to regular expressions.
🔄 PhraseMatcher Match sequences of tokens based on phrases.
🔄 EntityRuler Add entity spans to the Doc using token-based rules or exact phrase matches.
🔄 Sentencizer Implement custom sentence boundary detection logic that doesn’t require the dependency parse.

🟢 Completed With Test 🟡 Completed 🟠 On Progress 🔄 Planned

reference : spaCy language pipeline

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