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A python package for controlling small optical telescopes

Project description


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This is the repository for pyscope <>_, a pure-Python package for robotic scheduling, operation, and control of small optical telescopes.

pyscope <>_ is an open-source <LICENSE>_ project that provides a set of tools to rapidly and easily control astronomical instrumentation. It is designed to be modular and extensible, allowing users to easily add support for new devices and observatories. pyscope <>_ is built on top of the ASCOM <>_ standard, but also provides support for non-ASCOM devices. Users may also access their devices through third-party applications such as MaxIm DL <>_.

Observatories who use pyscope <>_ can take advantage of the telrun <>_ module, which provides a simple interface for fully-robotic observatory control.

pyscope <>_ is aiming to become an astropy affiliated package <>_.


  • Control observatory hardware with Python

  • Support for ASCOM <>_ and non-ASCOM devices

  • Observatory <>_ convenience methods like run_autofocus <>_ and recenter <>_

  • telrun <>_ module for fully-robotic operation of an observatory

  • Basic data reduction tools like avg_fits <>_ and ccd_calib <>_

  • Simple analysis scripts like calc_zmag <>_

  • Powered by Astropy <>, Astropy-affiliated <> packages, and ASCOM <>_


pyscope is available on PyPI and can be installed with pip:

.. code-block:: bash

pip install pyscope

pyscope will be available on conda-forge soon.

Development Installation


We recommend using a virtual environment for development. You may create a new virtual environment with pip:

.. code-block:: bash

python -m venv pyscope-dev
source pyscope-dev/bin/activate

Or with conda:

.. code-block:: bash

conda create -n pyscope-dev python=3.10.12
conda activate pyscope-dev

To install pyscope for development, clone the repository and install with pip:

.. code-block:: bash

git clone
cd pyscope
pip install -e ".[dev]"




All supporting documentation can be found at readthedocs <>_.


If you use this package in your research, please cite it using the following:

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Please see the developer documentation <>_.


This project is licensed under the GNU AGPLv3 License <LICENSE>_.


Please post any issues you find here <>_.

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