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pyshadoz is a pure Python package to read and write NASA Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes (SHADOZ) data.

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pyshadoz is a pure Python package to read and write NASA Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes (SHADOZ) data.


The easiest way to install pyshadoz is via the Python pip utility:

pip install pyshadoz



Dependencies are listed in requirements.txt. Dependencies are automatically installed during pyshadoz installation.

Installing pyshadoz

# setup virtualenv
virtualenv --system-site-packages -p python3 pyshadoz
cd pyshadoz
source bin/activate

# clone codebase and install
git clone
cd pyshadoz
python build
python install


# help
pyshadoz --help

# get version
pyshadoz --version

# parse a single shadoz file
pyshadoz -f </path/to/shadoz_file>

# add verbose mode
pyshadoz -v -f </path/to/shadoz_file>

# parse a directory of shadoz files
pyshadoz -d </path/to/directory>

# parse a directory of shadoz files recursively
pyshadoz -r -d </path/to/directory>

Using the API

from pyshadoz import SHADOZ

# read SHADOZ data
with open('/path/to/directory') as ff:
    s = SHADOZ(ff)

    for key, value in s.metadata:
        print(key, value)


    # get index of a data field
    index = s.get_data_index('W Dir')

    # get index of a data field and data field unit
    index = s.get_data_index('W Dir', 'deg')

    # get all data
    data = s.get_data()

    # get data by index
    data = s.get_data(by_index=index)

    # get all data by field
    data = s.get_data('W Spd')

    # get all data by field and unit
    data = s.get_data('O3', 'ppmv')

# read SHADOZ data using convenience functions
# parse file
s = load('/path/to/shadoz_file.dat')  # returns SHADOZ object

# parse string
with open('/path/to/shadoz_file.dat') as ff:
    shadoz_string =
s = loads(shadoz_string)  # returns SHADOZ object

# write SHADOZ data
s = SHADOZ()
# build metadata dict
s.metadata['NASA/GSFC/SHADOZ Archive'] = ''
# build data fields
s.data_fields = ['Time', 'Press', 'Alt', 'Temp', 'RH', 'O3', 'O3', 'O3',
                 'W Dir', 'W Spd', 'T Pump', 'I O3', 'GPSLon', 'GPSLat',

# build data field units
s.data_fields_units = ['sec','hPa','km', 'C', '%', 'mPa', 'ppmv', 'du', 'deg',
                       'm/s', 'C', 'uA', 'deg', 'deg', 'km']

# build data = [
    [0, 1013.85, 0.01, 24.22, 71.0, 32.91, 32.91, 0.0, 32.91, 5.29, 32.91, 9000.0, -155.049, 19.717, 0.041],
    [0, 1013.66, 0.012, 23.89, 70.0, 32.79, 32.79, 0.049, 32.79, 5.01, 32.79, 9000.0, -155.049, 19.717, 0.045]

# serialize data to file
shadoz_data = s.write()
with open('new_shadoz_file.dat', 'w') as ff:


Running Tests

# install dev requirements
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

# run tests like this:
python pyshadoz/tests/

# or this:
python test

# measure code coverage
coverage run --source=pyshadoz -m unittest pyshadoz.tests.run_tests
coverage report -m


python sdist bdist_wheel --universal
twine upload dist/*

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All bugs, enhancements and issues are managed on GitHub.


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