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Signal blocking under Linux & OS X

Project description

Provides access to sigprocmask(2) and friends and convenience wrappers to python application developers wanting to SIG_BLOCK and SIG_UNBLOCK signals in critical sections of their code.

Most common usage

from signal import SIGINT, SIGTERM
from pysigset import suspended_signals

with suspended_signals(SIGINT, SIGTERM):
    # Signals are blocked here..
# Any pending signal is fired now..

Also available

    int sigaddset(sigset_t *set, int signum)

    int sigdelset(sigset_t *set, int signum)

    int sigemptyset(sigset_t *set)

    int sigfillset(sigset_t *set)

    int sigismember(const sigset_t *set, int signum)

    int sigpending(sigset_t *set)

    int sigprocmask(int how, const sigset_t *set, sigset_t *oldset)

    int sigsuspend(const sigset_t *mask)

Similar tools

python-signalfd provides access to sigprocmask and signalfd. Its advantage is access to signalfd. Its disadvantage is a compilation requirement.

pysigset has a pythonic interface and requires only ctypes access to or libSystem.B.dylib.


2021-05-03: 0.4.0

  • Change License to LGPL 3.

2015-09-22: 0.3.2

  • Python 3 compatibility (thanks Kevin Pouget).

  • Update version, update trove classifiers; adding Python 3, moving to Production/Stable.

2015-05-23: 0.2.2

  • Fix so we can install using again.

2013-07-30: 0.2.1

  • Fix so the RST is displayed on PyPI.

2013-07-30: 0.2

  • Add support for OS X / Darwin (thanks Dan Sully (dsully))

  • Add support for easy uploading to PyPI.

2013-04-15: 0.1

  • Initial release.

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