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Lightweight python wrapper for Apache Solr.

Project description

pysolr is a lightweight Python wrapper for Apache Solr. It provides an interface that queries the server and returns results based on the query.


  • Basic operations such as selecting, updating & deleting.
  • Index optimization.
  • “More Like This” support (if setup in Solr).
  • Spelling correction (if setup in Solr).
  • Timeout support.


  • Python 2.6-3.3
  • Requests 1.1.0+
  • Optional - lxml
  • Optional - simplejson
  • Optional - cssselect for Tomcat error support


sudo python install or drop the file anywhere on your PYTHONPATH.


Basic usage looks like:

# If on Python 2.X
from __future__ import print_function
import pysolr

# Setup a Solr instance. The timeout is optional.
solr = pysolr.Solr('http://localhost:8983/solr/', timeout=10)

# How you'd index data.
        "id": "doc_1",
        "title": "A test document",
        "id": "doc_2",
        "title": "The Banana: Tasty or Dangerous?",

# You can optimize the index when it gets fragmented, for better speed.

# Later, searching is easy. In the simple case, just a plain Lucene-style
# query is fine.
results ='bananas')

# The ``Results`` object stores total results found, by default the top
# ten most relevant results and any additional data like
# facets/highlighting/spelling/etc.
print("Saw {0} result(s).".format(len(results)))

# Just loop over it to access the results.
for result in results:
    print("The title is '{0}'.".format(result['title'])

# For a more advanced query, say involving highlighting, you can pass
# additional options to Solr.
results ='bananas', **{
    'hl': 'true',
    'hl.fragsize': 10,

# You can also perform More Like This searches, if your Solr is configured
# correctly.
similar = solr.more_like_this(q='id:doc_2', mltfl='text')

# Finally, you can delete either individual documents...

# ...or all documents.


pysolr is licensed under the New BSD license.

Running Tests

Setup looks like:

curl -O
tar xvzf solr-4.1.0.tgz
cp -r solr-4.1.0/example solr4
rm -rf solr-4.1.0*
cd solr4
rm -rf example-DIH exampledocs
mv solr solrsinglecoreanduseless
mv multicore solr
cp -r solrsinglecoreanduseless/collection1/conf/* solr/core0/conf/
cp -r solrsinglecoreanduseless/collection1/conf/* solr/core1/conf/
# Now run Solr.
java -jar start.jar

Running the tests:

python -m unittest2 tests
python3 -m unittest tests

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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pysolr-3.0.1.tar.gz (13.2 kB) Copy SHA256 hash SHA256 Source None

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