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Provide a bidirectional connection to a serial interface via zeroMQ

Project description

PySoMQ: Python bindings for serial over ØMQ

This package utilizes the Python bindings of ØMQ in order to provide a lightweight and fast serial bidirectional PySerial communication interface.

Getting started

Install the package from Pypi

pip install pysomq

Run as permanent streaming service

If you want to run the SerialServer as a permanent streamer, please start the module with our specific parameters by

python -m pysomq --serial-port=YourSerialPort --serial-baudrate=YourBaudrate --timeout=1 --streaming-socket=tcp://*:5555 --listening-socket=tcp://*:5556

Stream from script

If you want to utilize the SerialServer within your own scripts, start streaming by using the following snippet with our parameters

import pysomq

serial_port = '/dev/ttyS0'
baudrate = 9600
stream_socket = 'tcp://*:5555'
listen_socket = 'tcp://*:5556'
timeout = 1
serial_server = pysomq.SerialServer(port='/dev/ttyS0', baudrate=baudrate,
                                    streaming_socket=stream_socket, listening_socket=listen_socket,

Receive streaming data

If you want to utilize the SerialServer within your own scripts, start receiving by using the following snippet with our parameters

import pysomq

stream_socket = 'tcp://localhost:5555'
listen_socket = 'tcp://localhost:5556'
timeout = 1

serial_client = pysomq.SerialClient(streaming_socket=stream_socket, listening_socket=listen_socket,
serial_client.write(b'my first line')
answer = serial_client.readline()

Default values

The default values for calling the module or instantiating the classes are

  • --serial-port / port: /dev/ttyS0 for Linux and COM1 for Windows

  • --serial-baudrate / baudrate: 9600

  • --timeout / timeout: 1 second

  • --streaming-socket / streaming_socket: tcp://*:5555 respectively tcp://localhost:5555

  • --listening-socket / listening_socket: tcp://*:5556 respectively tcp://localhost:5556


I welcome any contributions, enhancements, and bug-fixes. Open an issue on GitHub and submit a pull request.


pySoMQ is 100% free and open-source, under the MIT license. Use it however you want.

This package is Treeware. If you use it in production, then we ask that you buy the world a tree to thank us for our work. By contributing to the Treeware forest you’ll be creating employment for local families and restoring wildlife habitats.

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