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The missing PySpark utils

Project description

The missing PySpark utils.


To install:

pip install pyspark-utils
# It also depends on absl-py.


import pyspark_utils.helper as spark_helper

# Nicely show rdd count and 3 items.
rdd = spark_helper.cache_and_log('MyRDD', rdd, 3)


import pyspark_utils.op as spark_op

# RDD<key, value>  ->  RDD<new_key, value> key: new_key))

# RDD<key, value>  ->  RDD<result> key, value: result))

# RDD<key, value>  ->  RDD<value, key>

# RDD<key, value>  ->  RDD<key, value> if func(key)
pair_rdd.filter(spark_op.filter_key(lambda key: true_or_false))

# RDD<key, value>  ->  RDD<key, value> if func(value)
pair_rdd.filter(spark_op.filter_value(lambda value: true_or_false))

# RDD<iteratable>  ->  RDD<tuple_or_list> with transformed values. elem: new_elem)) elem: new_elem))

# RDD<path>  ->  RDD<path> if path matches any given fnmatch-style patterns
rdd.filter(spark_op.filter_path(['*.txt', '*.csv', 'path/a.???']))

# RDD<element>  ->  RDD<element, element>

# RDD<key, value>   ->   RDD<key, value> with keys in key_rdd
spark_op.filter_keys(pair_rdd, key_rdd)

# RDD<key, value>   ->   RDD<key, value> with keys in whitelist and not in blacklist
spark_op.filter_keys(pair_rdd, whitelist_key_rdd, blacklist_key_rdd)

# RDD<key, value>   ->   RDD<key, value> with keys not in key_rdd
spark_op.substract_keys(pair_rdd, key_rdd)

# RDD<element>   ->   RDD<element> where element is not None

# RDD<key>   ->   RDD<key, value> key: value))

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