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SubRip (.srt) subtitle parser and writer

Project description


pysrt is a Python library used to edit or create SubRip files.


pysrt is mainly designed as a library, but if you are experiencing troubles with bad subtitles you can first try to use ruby-osdb which will try to find the best subtitle for your movie. If you are still unlucky pysrt also provide an srt command useful for either shift, split, or rescale a .srt file.

Command Usage


$ srt -i shift 2s500ms


$ srt split 58m26s


$ srt -i rate 23.9 25


pysrt is available on pypi. To intall it you can use either


$ sudo pip install pysrt

or distutils:

$ sudo easy_install pysrt

It is compatible with python >= 2.6 and 3.

Library Usage


>>> import pysrt


>>> subs ='some/')
# If you get a UnicodeDecodeError try to specify the encoding
>>> subs ='some/', encoding='iso-8859-1')

SubRipFile are list-like objects of SubRipItem instances:

>>> len(subs)
>>> first_sub = subs[0]

SubRipItem instances are editable just like pure Python objects:

>>> first_sub.text = "Hello World !"
>>> first_sub.start.seconds = 20
>>> first_sub.end.minutes = 5


>>> subs.shift(seconds=-2) # Move all subs 2 seconds earlier
>>> subs.shift(minutes=1)  # Move all subs 1 minutes later
>>> subs.shift(ratio=25/23.9) # convert a 23.9 fps subtitle in 25 fps
>>> first_sub.shift(seconds=1) # Move the first sub 1 second later
>>> first_sub.start += {'seconds': -1} # Make the first sub start 1 second earlier


>>> del subs[12]


>>> part = subs.slice(starts_after={'minutes': 2, 'seconds': 30}, ends_before={'minutes': 3, 'seconds': 40})
>>> part.shift(seconds=-2)

Saving changes:

>>>'other/', encoding='utf-8')

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