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Official python package for interacting with Stratis (STRAX) full node and Cirrus/Interflux sidechain.

Project description


Python package for interacting with Stratis (STRAX) full node and Cirrus/Interflux sidechain.


From the Python Package Index (PyPi)

pip install pystratis

Most recent (from GitHub)

pip install git+

Install from PyPi with test dependencies

pip install pystratis[test]


Basic examples

Create a wallet

from pystratis.nodes import StraxNode

node = StraxNode()

# Back up the mnemonic phrase, that's the only thing that could restore your wallet.
mnemonic = node.wallet.create(name='MyWallet', password='qwerty12345', passphrase='')

Send funds

from pystratis.nodes import StraxNode
from pystratis.core.networks import StraxMain
from pystratis.core.types import uint256, Money, Address
from pystratis.core import Outpoint, Recipient

node = StraxNode()

# Get first spendable transaction.
s_tx = node.wallet.spendable_transactions(wallet_name='MyWallet').transactions[0]

# Set our own address as recipient of change, use Money arithmetic for amount calculations.
recipient_self = Recipient(destinationAddress=s_tx.address, amount=s_tx.amount - Money(1.0),

recipient_another = Recipient(destinationAddress=Address('<another address>', network=StraxMain()), amount=Money(1.0),

# Spend utxo from our transaction.
outpoint = Outpoint(transaction_id=s_tx.transaction_id, index=s_tx.index)

built_transaction = node.wallet.build_transaction(wallet_name='MyWallet', password='qwerty12345', outpoints=[outpoint],
                                                  recipients=[recipient_self, recipient_another], fee_type='high')


Testing guide

  • Unit tests: pytest -m "not integration_test"
  • Strax integration tests: pytest -m "strax_integration_test"
  • Cirrus integration tests: pytest -m "cirrus_integration_test"
  • Interflux integration tests: pytest -m "interflux_integration_test"
  • Mainnet integration tests: pytest -m "mainnet_test"
  • Integration tests: pytest -m "integration_test"
  • Everything: pytest
  • Coverage: coverage run -m pytest
  • Coverage report: coverage report -m

ReadTheDocs documentation

ReadTheDocs API documentation can be found at

Documentation can be build locally with the following commands:

cd doc_build
make html 
  • Other output options: make help
  • After building, documentation for make html can be found in docs/html/index.html, open with your favorite browser.


Thanks goes to @TjadenFroyda for his contributions in kickstarting this repository.



Fixed dependencies


  • Adopted new declarative configuration script (pyproject.toml)

Version (StratisFullNode release/

  • Added voting/polls/expired/whitelist and voting/polls/expired/members endpoints
  • Updated voting/polls/tip response model
  • Fixes for calling RPC through api

Version (StratisFullNode release/

  • Added externalapi route and endpoints
  • Added blockstore/getutxosetforaddress endpoint
  • Added voting/schedulevote-kickmember and voting/polls/tip endpoints
  • Added node/rewind and node/datafolder/chain endpoints
  • Added federationgateway/transfer and federationgateway/transfers/deletesuspended endpoints
  • Added multiple interop endpoints, removed interop/status endpoint
  • Added federation/federationatheight and federation/mineratheight endpoints

Version (StratisFullNode release/

  • SignalR added to cirrusminernode

Version (StratisFullNode release/

  • Added 'retrieve-filtered-utxos' endpoint for coldstaking

Version (StratisFullNode release/

  • No API updates for SFN release/

Version (StratisFullNode release/

  • No API updates for SFN release/

Version (StratisFullNode release/

  • Add optional block_height to LocalCallContractTransactionRequest
  • Added new node definition (cirrusunity3dnode) with unity3d endpoints

Version (StratisFullNode release/

  • Updates for SFN release/
    • Note: wallet.history strax integration test fails due to negative fee returned when address specified.
    • Added contract_swagger and dynamic_contract endpoints

Version (StratisFullNode release/

  • Initial pystratis release

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