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Script to download movie subtitles automatically

Project description

Subtitle downloader

Actually now it only supports to download the subtitles.


To install the script do this

Option 1 : Install via pip

$ sudo pip install pysub-dl

Option 2 : If you have downloaded the source

$ sudo python install

Do not forget to upgrade it after a week interval I am modifying so many things very frequently

$ sudo pip install pysub-dl --upgrade

How to use

Use it like: pysub-dl movie [language]

[language] is optional, if language is provided you will see subtitles available for that language only or it will show you all.

For help

$ pysub-dl --help

General usage

$ pysub-dl iron-man english

$ pysub-dl hitman spanish

If you do not provide any language it will show you all the available subtitles for that movie for all languages.

One request: Do not use space in the movie name, Use ‘-‘(hyphen) instead of ‘ ‘(white space). Movie name is not case sensitive, so all you have to worry about the space only or if you want to use special characters like ‘ you can use double quotes i. e.

$ pysub-dl "we're the millers"

First you should go to your movie directory then you should execute your code, it will be better cause execution downloads the subtitle file(s) in the present working directory but it is not mandatory.

On execution it will show the list of subtitles available at the moment at for that particular movie. You have to choose one number from them.

Uncertainly if you give wrong movie name, no problem it will show you the probable movie name and you have to choose from them.

For windows users they should download the package manually and extract it. Run it on that directory as

C:\master> python pysub-dl incredibles english

Press [Ctrl] + c or [Ctrl] + d to exit immediately.

For windows users it is [Ctrl] + z (I think).

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs at github issue tracker:


iamsudip <>

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pysub-dl-0.3.3.tar.gz (6.2 kB view hashes)

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