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A package for Synthetic Stellar Photometry

Project description

pysysp: Synthetic Stellar Photometry for Python

This is a set of tools to compute synthetic photometry in a simple way,
ideal to integrate in larger projects.
The inputs are photonic response functions for the desired phtometric bands and
stellar spectra. The units used in this package are: erg cm^-2 s^-1 Ang^-1 for fluxes;
Ang^-1 for wavelength. Note that this implies units of cm Ang^-1 for the speed of light.
These units must be used in all inputs for the package to operate properly.
It is possible to compute magnitudes in Vega and AB systems, and interstellar
extinction, for any given photometric passband, given an extinction law, which must
be a callable object function of wavelength only. The only extinction law provided
is the one by Cardelli, Clayton & Mathis (1989), but others can be easily added if
At the moment only the bandpasses for Bessel's UBVRI and Gaia's G filters are provided.

References: Casagrande & VandenBerg (2014); Bessel & Murphy (2012)
Acknowledgments: Vega CALSPEC spectrum alpha_lyr_stis_006
photonic response functions by Bessel & Murphy (2012)
for the U, B, V, R, I filters

Usage example:

>>> import pysysp

#load a spectrum from a fits file
>>> vega = pysysp.StarSpectrum('alpha_lyr_stis_006.fits')

#print the flux
>>> vega.flux
array([ 1.23810533e-17, 1.67559561e-17, 1.78002369e-17, ...,
1.40140733e-19, 1.38734358e-19, 1.26490663e-19], dtype=float32)

#Check available filters
>>> pysysp.showfilters
{'Gaia': ['G'], 'Bessel': ['B', 'I', 'R', 'U', 'V']}

#load the photonic response for the bands B and V with linear smoothing
>>> V=pysysp.BandPass('V',smt='linear')
>>> B=pysysp.BandPass('B',smt='linear')

#You can also load any ascii file with two columns (first wavelength, second filter response)
>>> B2 = pysysp.BandPass('./filters/B.dat')

#compute the V magnitude in Vega system
#The magnitude of Vega in V band is not 0, so in order to
#compute the correct value we should correct the zero point
>>> vega.apmag(V,mag='Vega',mzero=0.03)

#Same in AB system
>>> vega.apmag(V,mag='AB')

#Compute E(B-V) for a (monochromatic) extinction Av=0.5
>>> ab=vega.extinction(B,law='cardelli',A=0.5,Rv=3.1)
>>> av=vega.extinction(V,law='cardelli',A=0.5,Rv=3.1)
>>> ab-av



1.0.0 (09/04/2015)

- Initial release.

1.0.1 (21/10/2015)

- added file

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