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Lightweight remote monitoring and control of embedded devices

Project description

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``pytelemetry`` enables remote monitoring and control of embedded
devices. Specifically, ``pytelemetry`` implements a custom communication
protocol, based on the
`PubSub <>`__
(Publish/Subscribe) messaging pattern.

[..] messages are published to "topics" or named logical channels.
Subscribers in a topic-based system will receive all messages
published to the topics to which they subscribe [..]. *Source:

This communication protocol is also available in a C library called
```telemetry`` <>`__ that is
specifically designed to run on all platforms and to be as light as

.. figure::
:alt: Overview


Don't forget to check the
```bonus`` <>`__ at the


Data is published on ``topics``. Topics can be seen as named
communication channels.

First, instanciate one of the available transport class (*Note: so far,
only serial transport is implemented*). Then create a ``Pytelemetry``

.. code:: python

from pytelemetry.pytelemetry import Pytelemetry
from pytelemetry.transports.serialtransport import SerialTransport
import time

# create a transport (Here based on pyserial)
transport = SerialTransport()
tlm = Pytelemetry(transport)

Connect the serial transport to serial port ``COM20`` at ``9600`` bauds.

.. code:: python

# connection options
options = dict()
options['port'] = "COM20"
options['baudrate'] = 9600

# connect

Publish once to topic named ``throttle``, sending effectively the value
``0.8`` of type ``float`` to the embedded device.

.. code:: python

# publish on a topic

Subscribe a ``printer`` function to all received topics. Basically, this
function will be called everytime a new frame is received.

.. code:: python

def printer(topic, data):
print(topic," : ", data)

# subscribe to a topic. Subscribing to None subscribes to all
tlm.subscribe(None, printer)

Then, run an update during 3 seconds and disconnect after.

.. code:: python

# Update during 3 seconds
timeout = time.time() + 3
while True:
if time.time() > timeout:

# disconnect

If the embedded device published regularly on topic ``foo`` with an
incrementing value, you should see in the console:

.. code:: bash

foo : 34
foo : 35
foo : 36
foo : 37


Python 3.5 is supported. Support for python 3.4 and 3.3 will be added in
a near future.

.. code:: bash

pip3 install pytelemetry

Future improvements

In the next milestone, it is planned to make topics more meaningful (on
the python-implementation only). \* Publishing to topics like ``foo:2``,
will add indexing data. This will add a nice support for arrays and
sparse arrays. \* Publishing to topics like ``bar\foo``, will add group
data. This will indicate that there is a group called ``bar``, with a
subtopic called ``foo`` \* Combination :
``bar\foobar\foo``,\ ``bar\foobar\foo:2`` \* Multiple instances :
``bar\12\foo`` will be understood as ``foo`` instance number 12 (useful
if you want to have multiple instances under a same topic name)

For both python and C implementations of the protocol, it is also
planned: \* add string compression with Huffman's Algorithm \* replace
the byte stuffing algorithm by a consistent-over byte stuffing algorithm

Both will contribute to reduce overhead and frames size.


You should also check the awesome command line interface
```pytelemetrycli`` <>`__\ |PyPI

It makes communicating and debugging your embedded application
effortless. With a few commands, it is possible to open high-performance
graphs and plot your data in real time, list all available data
channels, print samples of channel and much more.

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