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A pytest plugin for running unit tests within an ansible collection

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An experimental pytest plugin to run an ansible collection's unit tests with pytest.


pytest-ansible-units is a pytest plugin that allows an ansible collection's unit tests to be run with only pytest. pytest can be used from the command line or from the IDE.

Getting Started


Installing pytest-ansible-units will install the following:

  • pytest

pytest-ansible-units requires python 3.8 or greater, ansible-core and pyyaml.


python -m pip install pytest-ansible-units

ansible-core and pyyaml need to be installed to activate the plugin.

2 directory structures are supported, with either approach collection dependencies need to be installed. Either in the default user location or in the collection tree structure in option 1.

Collection tree

The preferred approach is to clone the collections being developed into it's proper collection tree path. This eliminates the need for any symlinks and other collections being developed can be cloned into the same tree structure.

git clone <repo> collections/ansible_collections/<namespace>/<name>


  • pytest needs to be run in the root of the collection directory, adjacent to the collection's galaxy.yml file

Shallow tree

The alternative approach allow for a shallow directory structure.

git clone <repo>


  • pytest needs to be run in the root of the collection directory, adjacent to the collection's galaxy.yml file
  • A collections directory will be created in the repository directory and the collections content linked into it.
  • Add /collections/ to the .gitignore, since there is no need for this to be checked in.
  • ansible-test sanity will fail due to the symlinks, with this approach.

Executing program

From the command line, from the collection's root directory:

pytest tests


The following may be added to the collections' pyproject.toml file to limit warnings and set the default path for the collection's tests

testpaths = [
filterwarnings = [
    'ignore:AnsibleCollectionFinder has already been configured',

Information from the galaxy.yml file is used to build the collections directory structure and link the contents. The galaxy.yml file should reflect the correct collection namespace and name.

One way to detect issues without running the tests is to run:

pytest --collect-only

The follow errors may be seen:

E   ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'ansible_collections'
  • Check the galaxy.yml file for an accurate namespace and name
  • Ensure pytest is being run from the collection's root directory, adjacent to the galaxy.yml
HINT: remove __pycache__ / .pyc files and/or use a unique basename for your test file modules
  • Ensure each test directory has an


  • cidrblock


This project is licensed under the GPL-v3 License - see the LICENSE file for details

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