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pytest plugin to select tests based on attributes similar to the nose-attrib plugin

Project description


The pytest-attrib plugin extends py.test with the ability to select tests based on a criteria rather than just the filename or pytest.marks. For example, you might want to run only tests that need internet connectivity, or tests that are slow.

The pytest.mark plugin already provides a featrure to mark tests and run only the marked tests. This plugin also allows to run expressions on the attributes of the class, and does not require the pytest.mark decorator.

It offers features similar to the nose plugin nose-attrib.


Install the plugin with:

pip install pytest-attrib

Usage examples

To use the plugin, the -a CLI argument has been provided. Consider a project with the test file:

import unittest

class MyTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_function(self):
        assert 1 == 1

class MySlowTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
    slow = True

    def test_slow_function(self):
        import time
        assert 1 == 1

Using pytest-attrib, only the slow tests can be run using:

$ py.test -a slow

Or run only the fast tests using:

$ py.test -a "not slow"

The expression given in the -a argument can be even more complex, for example:

$ py.test -a "slow and requires_internet"
$ py.test -a "slow and not requires_internet"

It can also do conditional arguments like:

$ py.test -a "speed=='slow' and requires_internet"


This code falls under the MIT License. Please note that some files or content may be copied from other places and have their own licenses. Dependencies that are being used to generate the databases also have their own licenses.

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