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Fixtures for testing Google Appengine (GAE) apps

Project description

Convenience plugin on top of the testbed the Google Appengine (GAE) SDK already provides.


pip install pytest-beds

After that the plugin is enabled by default. You can use specific fixtures (see below) to activate the Testbed and stub specific services.



Disable the plugin, esp. do not change the python paths and try to import dev_appserver.

--sdk-path PATH

The plugin assumes it can just import dev_apserver. If that fails it looks up the SDK path in the environment variable GAE. Otherwise, you can specify the path to the SDK by using the --sdk-path PATH option.

--project-root PATH

Secondly, the plugin assume that your current path is the projects root folder, t.i. the dirctory which holds the app.yaml. You can specify a different path using --project-root PATH.


By default the plugin shortens the tracebacks when using ndb tasklets, so they don’t include the eventloop’s internal noise. Use this switch to make ndb noisy again.


The plugin provides fixtures to stub the different services. Usage is therefore simple and straightforward:

# Say, if you create a Foo you hit the database and put some work on queue
def test_foo(ndb, taskqueue):
    foo = Foo.create()

    assert Foo.query().fetch() == [foo]

List of builtin fixtures:



There are two fixtures anonymous and login to handle the users-stub.


Prepares the user stub so that users.get_current_user() will return None


Prepares the user stub and returns a function to login actual users:

def test_login(login):
    # at this point users.get_current_user() will return None

    login(id=1, email='')
    # now users.get_current_user() will return a user

    # now users.get_current_user() will return None again


The deferreds fixture inits the taskqueue stub, but returns a useful object, so you can actually run the deferred functions:

def test_work(deferreds):
    deferred.defer(work, 'to be done')


    assert 'work has been done'

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