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Budo Systems is a martial arts school management system. This module is the Budo Systems Pytest Plugin.

Project description

This add-on to the Budo Systems platform creates a standardized test suite for modules that implement services abstracted in Budo Systems Core (project, docs).

This early version only provides a test suite for a Repository. However, you get 21 ready-to-use tests for free to validate your implementation of a Repository.


The assumption here is that you’re using this package to add tests for an implementation of a feature for Budo Systems.

Step 1. Installation

From your project environment, first you need to install the package. There are several options for this. Here are but a few examples.

  1. Install directly with pip:

    🐚 shell

    pip install pytest-budosystems
  2. Add to requirements.txt, and install using that file:

    📝 requirements.txt


    🐚 shell

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Add to setup.cfg, and reinstall your project:

    📝 setup.cfg

    name = my-budosystems-project
    version = 0.0.2
    description = My implementation of a Budo Systems feature.
    python_requires = >= 3.9
    packages = find_namespace:
    package_dir =
    install_requires =
    where = src
    test =

    🐚 shell

    pip install -U -e .

Step 2. Add to your test suite

To use this test suite to test your implementation of a, you’ll need to create a test class that inherits from budosystems.xtra.pytest_suite.repository.AbstractTestRepository and override a few fixture methods.

The only required fixture method is repo_class. It’s an abstract method with the following specs:

def repo_class(self) -> type[Repository]:
    """Returns the class for the implementation of `Repository` being tested."""

Your testing needs may require you to override some other fixture methods. The two most likely candidates are repo_args and repo_inaccessible. Here’s how they are defined in AbstractTestRepository

def repo_args(self) -> dict[str, Any]:
    """Returns implementation specific arguments to instantiate the implementation of
    `Repository` being tested."""
    return {}

def repo_inaccessible(self, repo_class: type[Repository]) -> Repository:
    Returns an instance of the implementation of `Repository` with improper connection.
    pytest.skip(f"No 'inaccessible' implementation of {str(repo_class)}")

Minimal Example

A minimal example can be found in the test suite for Budo Systems Core:


from pytest import fixture
from budosystems.xtra.pytest_suite.repository import AbstractTestRepository
from import Repository
from import DictRepository

class TestDictRepository(AbstractTestRepository):

    def repo_class(self) -> type[Repository]:
        return DictRepository

A More Complex Example

An example that overrides all the methods listed above can be found in the test suite for Budo Systems SQLite Storage:


from pytest import fixture
import sqlite3
from typing import Any

from budosystems.xtra.pytest_suite.repository import AbstractTestRepository
from import Repository
from budosystems.xtra.sqlite3_storage.repository import SQLite3Repository

class TestSQLite3Repository(AbstractTestRepository):

    def repo_class(self) -> type[Repository]:
        return SQLite3Repository

    def repo_args(self) -> dict[str, Any]:
        return {"con": sqlite3.connect(":memory:")}

    def repo_inaccessible(self, repo_class: type[Repository]) -> Repository:
        con = sqlite3.connect(":memory:")
        repo = repo_class(con=con)
        return repo

Step 3. Test!

Run pytest and get your results.

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