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Base configurations and utilities for developing your Python project test suite with pytest.

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Base configurations and utilities for developing your Python project test suite.


pip install git+git://<version>#egg=pytest_config==<version>

This will install:

  • pytest_config py.test plugin

  • a simple django app that extends the startapp (under development).

  • a pytest_config.init command to initialize new config files

  • a pytest_config.update command to interactively update your config files against the lates default values.


Automatic fix for the sys.path known issue.

pytest_config takes care of the sys.path known issue between pytest and pytest-django by automatically adding the current working directory to the PYTHONPATH before tests run.

Management of configuration files

$ pytest_config.init [options]

This command will copy all the configuration files needed to easily configure py.test and coverage. Beware of this command as it will simply replace any existing config files in you current directory.

$ pytest_config.update [options]

This command will read the default configuration files and your customized configuration files. If any of the options in you custom configuration differs from the defaults, you will be prompted if you want to keep the current one. If you decline, the default will be saved to your local configuration.

Available options

The two previous commands share a few of their interface, which is as follows:

  • pytest_config.[init|update] -h prints the help page.

  • pytest_config.[init|update] --coverage makes the command apply its operations only for the .coveragerc file.

  • pytest_config.[init|update] --pytest-ini makes the command apply its operations

  • only for the pytest.ini file.

pytest_config.update has additional options, though:

  • pytest_config.update -y silences the process so that you are not prompted about anything. All the defaults will be automatically applied if you use this.

Automatic test marking

pytest_config automatically marks your tests at runtime with markers based on what directories the tests are in, so under this architecture:

    tests/  # root `tests` directory
        └── app_name/
            ├── integration/
            │   ├──
            │   └──
            └── unit/
  • test functions/methods inside app_name/unit/*.py will be marked with @pytest.mark.<app_name> and @pytest.mark.unit

  • test functions/methods inside app_name/integration/*.py will be marked with @pytest.mark.<app_name> and @pytest.mark.integration

and so on. This will allow you to run tests on a per-app and per-type basis by running:

$ py.test -m unit
$ py.test -m integration
$ py.test -m app_name
$ py.test -m 'app_name and <type>'
$ py.test -m '<type> and app_name'

Integration with Caliendo

The following command line arguments have been added to py.test to integrate it smoothly with Caliendo:

  • py.test --caliendo: Enable the overall use of caliendo in your tests.

  • py.test --caliendo-prefix path/to/caliendo/files: Set the path to where the caliendo files should live. If you are defining this yourself, it’s recommended that you set it as a path relative to your current working directory, i.e. caliendo, ./caliendo, whatever/caliendo and not as an absolute path. Defaults to $PWD/caliendo.

  • py.test --caliendo --caliendo-purge: Set the CALIENDO_PURGE environment variable so that caliendo can get rid of unused cache, evs, etc.

  • py.test --caliendo --caliendo-prompt: Set the CALIENDO_PROMPT environment variable so that you may use the interactive prompt built in caliendo

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