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A plugin to send pytest events to Kafka

Project description


PyTest Kafkavents is a plugin for real time streaming of test result events to a Kafka instance. Events can also be logged for batch replay of events via another utility (in the works).

Steps to use pytest-kafkavents

  1. Clone me (soon to be pip install me)
    git clone

To install for dev

    pip install -e .
  1. Create a Kafka instance on Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka

  2. Download and install the client from the Apache Kafka client website.

SIDENOTE: Pytest-Kafkavent uses the Confluent Python Kafka library

On Fedora...

dnf info python3-confluent-kafka
pip show confluent-kafka
  1. Copy and configure template to your local kafka client bin directory and fill-in info for your instance.

  2. Setup env variables

  1. Create topics (with the client command)
./ --create --topic kafkavent --bootstrap-server --command-config ../config/
./ --create --topic kafkavent-failed --bootstrap-server --command-config ../config/
./ --create --topic kafkavent-infra --bootstrap-server --command-config ../config/
  1. Start one consumer in one window to see pytest-kafkavent messages for all tests
    ./ --bootstrap-server $KV_BOOTSTRAP_SERVER \
    --consumer.config ../config/ --from-beginning --topic kafkavents
  1. Start another consumer in another window to see pytest-kafkavent messages for failed tests only
    ./ --bootstrap-server $KV_BOOTSTRAP_SERVER \
    --consumer.config ../config/ --from-beginning --topic kafkavents-failed
  1. Run the example pytest test scripts
    pytest example_tests/ --junitxml=/tmp/kafkavent.xml --kv-topics my-other-topic
    pytest example_tests/ -q --kv-conf examples/kafka_conf.json \
    --kv-topics kafkavent --kv-topics-failed kafkavent-failed 
  1. Or just pull the container from :-)

TODO: create a container with all of this goodness in it, upload to, and link here

Use the test generator...

pytest example_tests/ --kv-conf examples/kafka_conf.json \
--kv-topics kafkavent --kv-topics-failed kafkavent-failed \
--kv-eventlog=/tmp/kafkavent.log -k test_kafkavents --kv-test 4,1,1,1

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