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pytest_pyramid - provides fixtures for testing pyramid applications with pytest test suite

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pytest_pyramid provides basic fixtures for testing pyramid applications with pytest test suite.

By default, pytest_pyramid will create two fixtures: pyramid_config, which creates configurator based on config.ini file, and pyramid_app, which creates TestApp based on Configurator returned by pyramid_config.

Command line options

  • –pc - pyramid configuration file based on which pytest_pyramid will create test app


For the most basic usage, pytest_pyramid provides pyramid_app and pyramid_config fixtures, that can be used to test your pyramid app. Simply pass your pyramid config *.ini file to –pc command-line option, and include pytest_app fixture into your test suite to be able to use it for integration tests.


pytest_pyramid provides two fixtures to be used in pytest tests:

  • pyramid_config - fixture providing pyramid’s Configurator instance as defined in pyramid config’s file

  • pyramid_app - pyramid application for testing - a

Both of these fixtures depend on the Config file passed in the command line.

Fixture factories

If you’re developing a module, package meant to extend functionalities of other applications, it’s not necessary to create a full-blown application to test functionalities provided in packages. To do this, pytest_pyramid provides you with fixture pytest_pyramid.factories.

There are two factories:

  • pytest_pyramid.factories.pyramid_config provides you with Configuration object based on either settings, config_file argument, or by –pc command-line option config file.

  • pytest_pyramid.factories.pyramid_app creates a based on Configurator class instance as returned from fixture passed by name to it. It also accepts additional fixtures that should be loaded before the pyramid_app. See the example with postgresql below.

from pytest_postgresql.plugin import postgresql
from pytest_pyramid import factories

app_config = factories.pyramid_config(config_path="development.ini")
app_with_postgres = factories.pyramid_app("app_config", "postgresql")

def test_pyramid_app(app_with_postgres):
    res = app_with_postgres.get('/', status=404)
    assert res.status_code == 404


  1. provide a pyramid_proc fixture that will start pyramid app process using summon_process


To run tests run this command:

pytest –pc tests/pyramid.test.ini


Install pipenv and –dev dependencies first, Then run:

pipenv run tbump [NEW_VERSION]

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