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Simplified requests calls mocking for pytest

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Simplified requests calls mocking for pytest

Provides response_mock fixture, exposing simple context manager.

Any request under that manager will be intercepted and mocked according to one or more rules passed to the manager. If actual request won’t fall under any of given rules then an exception is raised (by default).

Rules are simple strings, of the pattern: HTTP_METHOD URL -> STATUS_CODE :BODY.


  • Python 3.7+


When this package is installed response_mock is available for pytest test functions.

def for_test():
    return requests.get('http://some.domain')

def test_me(response_mock):

    # Pass response rule as a string,
    # or many rules (to mock consequent requests) as a list of strings/bytes.
    # Use optional `bypass` argument to disable mock conditionally.

    with response_mock('GET http://some.domain -> 200 :Nice', bypass=False):

        result = for_test()

        assert result.ok
        assert result.content == b'Nice'

    # mock consequent requests
    with response_mock([
        'GET http://some.domain -> 200 :Nice',
        'GET http://other.domain -> 200 :Sweet',

Use with pytest-datafixtures:

def test_me(response_mock, datafix_read):

    with response_mock(f"GET http://some.domain -> 200 :{datafix_read('myresponse.html')}"):

Describe response header fields using multiline strings:

with response_mock(
    GET http://some.domain

    Allow: GET, HEAD
    Content-Language: ru

    -> 200 :OK

Test json response:

response = json.dumps({'key': 'value', 'another': 'yes'})

with response_mock(f'POST http://some.domain -> 400 :{response}'):

To test binary response pass rule as bytes:

with response_mock(b'GET http://some.domain -> 200 :' + my_bytes):

Access underlying RequestsMock (from responses package) as mock:

with response_mock('HEAD http://some.domain -> 200 :Nope') as mock:


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