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A pytest package implementing perceptualdiff for Selenium tests.

Project description

# pytest-selenium-pdiff

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A pytest package implementing perceptualdiff for Selenium tests.

## Features * Embeds screenshots in [pytest-html]( reports * Supports ImageMagick or perceptualdiff for image comparison.

## Use with pytest-html and pytest-selenium By default pytest-selenium will embed a screenshot depicting the current browser state. This will lead to a duplicated screenshot because of this plugin’s behavior. At this time the best way to exclude the pytest-selenium screenshot is to set the environment variable SELENIUM_EXCLUDE_DEBUG=screenshot.

## Working With This Repo ### Setup 1. Set up and activate [virtual environment]( in the repo by running: virtualenv venv and then source venv/bin/activate 1. Run pip install -r requirements_dev.txt 1. Install PhantomJS with brew install phantomjs 1. Run tox to run the tests for the repo

### Making a release For Rentlytics employees, to release new code for the pytest-selenium-pdiff project to pypi, follow these steps:

1. run bumpversion to bump the version 1. make sure there is a file in the home directory ~/.pypirc with the login credentials for PyPi. For more about how to upload to PyPi, see [this link]( 1. run make release to push the new code to PyPi


0.1.0 (2016-06-02)

  • First release on PyPI.

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