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This is the closed-source Testmon. The repo has a couple of subprojects:

  1. testmon_dev: the server, it has normal change code/execute cycle which we're used to when developing in Python. open source testmon (OSPT) is generated from here (via preprocess). Main package is called testmon_dev, and it is installed via pip install -r requirements/prod.txt -e .

  2. Open Source Testmon (OSPT): This is the opensource pytest-testmon released to PYPI, attracts new users. It's generated from testmon-dev, comments and type hints are stripped out. Tests are also generated and executed via tox for a couple of combinations of dependencies and python versions, but they are not published. Release process of OSPT

We generate pytest-testmon by running preprocess on the source. preprocess template directives are in Python comments so testmon_dev can be executed as is and is the template for pytest-testmon.


Installation and tests

Have a look at .github/workflows/tests.yml to see how CI is set up and what are the prerequisites. (e.g. Python 3.7 and 3.11)

You should clone this repo ( and 2 additional ones. If you only clone testmon-dev initially you can still build, but you'll have to come back to this set-up when you will want to push to one of the other repos.

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

The build in testmon-dev also generates files into other directories: pytest-testmon (open source) and ( pelican site source) on the same level.

cd testmon-dev

# create and activate virtualenv (e.g. python -m venv .venv)

pip install -r requirements/prod.txt -e .

# increase ulimit if needed
ulimit -n 1024

# run tests

# build pytest-testmon and run it's test suite (tox)
python tools/build/ testmon
cd ../pytest-testmon


  1. We use pre-commit so run pre-commit install and pre-commit install-hooks before commiting.
  2. Run tests (pytest).
  3. Build pytest-testmon python tools/build/ testmon and run it's test suite cd ..;cd pytest-testmon;tox

See also process

Data model

Current denormalized schema (client):

Described in file 'docs/'

Current denormalized schema (client):

Described in file 'docs/'

runtime environments

  • development (and build, test, lint)
    • local dogfooding is possible (running the test suite with pytest —testmon)
  • CI - GHA
  • client installations in the wild - open source pytest-tesmon, distributed via PYPI without comments and types. Tested with comprehensive test suite which is executed in many combinations of dependencies via tox and GHA(windows/linux), but the tests are not published
  • server
  • performance regression tests via valgrind cachegrind (see Dockerfile and tools/

performance testing/benchmarking

    docker build . --platform=linux/arm64 -t testmon -f Dockerfile.perf-benchmark
    docker run -it -v "$(pwd)":/mount -t testmon

Fly deployment


git reset --hard the deploy branch to the commit you want to deploy and push --force it to the tarpas/testmon-dev repo. There is a GH action which automatically deploys.


fly deploy

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