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Project description

Th2 pytest bdd plugin

This is the plugin for pytest, which uses pytest-bdd plugin and th2 as backend.


  • Typed tables in feature file;
  • Th2 client boilerplate isolation (auto th2 access factory creation, events hierarchy creation in background);
  • Test context.


  • From PyPI
    This package can be found on PyPI.

    pip install pytest-th2-bdd
  • From Source

    git clone
    pip install pytest-th2-bdd/

Available fixtures


This fixture yields th2 CommonFactory for which will be created from configuration located in configs/ directory.


This fixture is used for inter-steps communication. It has some important service items:

key purpose
__ROOT__ root events for each feature
__SCENARIO__ current scenario root event
__SCENARIO_START__ current scenario start datetime (in UTC)
__STEP__ current step event


  • Prepared th2 test environment;
  • Configuration for th2 CommonFactory in configs/ directory;

How to use tables

Imagine, that you need to pass data as table in some step:

| field1 | field2 | ... | fieldN |
| 1      | 2      | ... | 3      |
| valN   | valK   | ... | valM   |
  1. You need to declare dataclass with header definition:
class SomeRow:
    field1: str
    field2: str
    fieldN: str
  1. Add field and converter at the desired step definition
        "some step description {var1} ... \n{table}",
    converters={"table": Table(SomeRow)}, # converter setup
def some_step(var1, table: Table[SomeRow]): # Syntax hints via generics

How to start test process (with installed plugin)

pytest tests/

How to start test process (without installed plugin)

export PYTHONPATH=path/to/directory/with/this/repository:$PYTHONPATH
pytest -p th2_bdd.pytest tests/

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pytest_th2_bdd-0.0.1.tar.gz (6.8 kB view hashes)

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