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A pytest plugin that helps you on using a temporary filesystem for testing.

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A pytest plugin that helps you on using a temporary filesystem for testing

import json

def readjson(path: str) -> dict:
    >>> path = fs.write('a/b/c.json', '{"a": 2}')
    >>> readjson(path)
    {'a': 2}
  with open(path, 'r') as f:
    return json.load(f)

This plugin is a fake filesystem manager implementation that relies on the pytest's tmp_path fixture to enable safe testing of projects that require disk operations and are difficult to mock.


  • pyfakefs: good alternative if you wish to mock filesystem operations.
  • tempfile: creates files and directories temporarily.


For installing this package, just type the command below in your terminal:

pip install pytest-tmpfs


As a fixture

You can use the TmpFs as a fixture by passing tmpfs as an argument of your test function.

import pytest_tmpfs

def test_readjson(tmpfs: pytest_tmpfs.TmpFs):
    path = tmpfs.write('a/b/d.json', '{"a": 2}')
    assert readjson(path) == {'a': 2}

In doctests

By installing this plugin, all doctests are automatically enabled to use fs, a variable that stores an instance of TmpFs.

def fscheck(path: str) -> dict:
    >>> fs.touch('a/b/c.txt')

Your own instance

If you seek to use this plugin without pointing to tmp_path it is possible to create your own instance and to manipulate it the way you want.

import pytest_tmpfs

def test_random():
  mypath = pathlib.Path('a/b/c')
  fs = TmpFs(mypath)


The following table contains all methods that TmpFs implements and its descriptions:

Method Description Example Parameters Return
write writes a file in the disk and adds line by line content to it fs.write('a/b.txt', 'Hello', 'World!') path, *lines abs path to the file
read reads the contents of a file and returns it as a string'a/b.txt') path abs path to the file
ls lists all files inside a folder'a') path sorted list of folders and files
rm removes a file or a folder fs.rm('a') path True if succeded, False if not
mkdir creates one or more folders fs.mkdir('b/c') path abs path to the folder
mv moves a file or a folder to another path'a/b.txt', 'b/c') path, path abs path to destination
clean removes all files inside the root of the tmp fs fs.clean()
path converts a relative path into an abs path fs.path('a') path abs path to the file or folder
tree prints a tree-like structure of a folder fs.tree('a') path
tree_format same as tree, but outputs a string fs.tree_format('a') path tree representation
cat prints the content of a file'b/c/b.txt') path
touch creates an empty file fs.touch('a/c.txt') path abs path to the file
tmp_cwd changes CWD to the temporary filesystem folder fs.tmp_cwd() abs path to the fs root
cwd returns to the original CWD fs.cwd() abs path to the old cwd

Note: tmp_cwd and cwd can be used with with statements.


Feel free to contribute to this project, just remember to use pre-commit and to write unit tests for new features/bugs.

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