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Test from HTTP interactions to dataframe processed.

Project description

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Combine `vcrpy <>`_ with
`pandas <>`_ to not only mock your HTTP interactions,
but also tests your post-processing work to get a pandas DataFrame.


.. code:: python


def test_meteo_get_wind_speed(vcrpandas, client):
start = pd.Timestamp('2018-01-01', tz='CET')
end = pd.Timestamp('2018-02-01', tz='CET')
with vcrpandas("meteo_get_wind_speed") as recorder:
df = client.get_wind_speed(start, end)

.. code:: bash

# call pytest for the first time to generate samples
> pytest --vcr-record="new_episodes"

# you can now replay it:
> pytest

Behind the hood, 2 files are generated by the first run:

- a *meteo_get_wind_speed.yaml*, which is the reponse obtained by
the first HTTP interaction.
- a *meteo_get_wind_speed.pickle* that serve to compare the formatting from
the mocked response to the pandas DataFrame, types included.


.. code:: bash

pip install pytest-vcrpandas

Advanced Usage

To configure VCR, here is how to procee:

.. code:: python

def my_vcrpandas(vcrpandas):
custom_vcr_config = dict(
match_on=['uri', 'method'],
filter_headers=['authorization'], # filter information from HTTP Headers
filter_query_parameters=['api_key'], # filter information from HTTP query string
filter_post_data_parameters=['client_secret'], # filter information from HTTP post data
return vcrpandas

def test_mysupertest(my_vcrpandas):
with my_vcrpandas("random_bucket_name") as recorder:

Refere to `VCR configuration <`_ and
`VCR Advanced Features <>`_ to get the
full list of options.

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