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Pytest module with Verification Report

Project description


  • import unittest and pytest as normal. Then import pytest_ver:
    import unittest
    import pytest 
    from pytest_ver import pth

Note: 'pth' is a global that holds a reference to PytestHarness. The harness holds references to all classes needed during a test run.

  • next create a normal unit test for pytest/unitest

    # -------------------
    class TestPoc(unittest.TestCase):
         # --------------------
         def setUpClass(cls):
         # -------------------
         def setUp(self):
         # -------------------
         def tearDown(self):
         # --------------------
         def tearDownClass(self):

Note: the is there only for convenience. Normally the report is done externally using a separate mainline python script.

  • To create a protocol use pth.proto.protocol()
  • To create steps within that protocol, use pth.proto.step()
    # --------------------
    def test_init1(self):
        # declare a new protcol id and it's description
        pth.proto.protocol('tp-001', 'test the init function')
        # at this point: we are in the tp-001 protocol

        # declare some setup steps
        pth.proto.step('setup some stuff1')
        x = 1
        pth.proto.step('setup more stuff2')
        y = x

        # at this point: tp-001 contains 2 steps
  • To create verification tests use pth.ver.verify()
        # you can use normal pytest and unitest functions
        # but their results won't show up in the report
        self.assertEqual(x, y)
        # create another step
        pth.proto.step('verify1 everything is equal')
        # do a verification against a requirement
        pth.ver.verify(x == y, reqid='SRS-001')
        pth.ver.verify(x == 1, reqid='SRS-001')
        # since all verifys passed, this step's result is PASS

        pth.ver.verify(False, reqid='SRS-002')
        pth.ver.verify(True, reqid='SRS-002')
        pth.ver.verify(True, reqid='SRS-002')
        # since one verify failed, this step's result is FAIL

        pth.ver.verify(True, reqid='SRS-003')
        pth.ver.verify(True, reqid='SRS-003')
        pth.ver.verify(False, reqid='SRS-003')
        # since one verify failed, this step's result is FAIL

        # at this point: another 3 steps have been added
  • you can use pytest markers as normal
    # --------------------
    def test_init2(self):
        pth.proto.protocol('tp-002', 'test the init2')

        pth.proto.step('verify1 everything is equal')
        pth.ver.verify(1 == 1, reqid='SRS-001')
        # note: this is the second time this requirment is verified

    # --------------------
    def test_init3(self):
        pth.proto.protocol('tp-003', 'test the init3')

        pth.proto.step('verify1 everything is equal')
        pth.ver.verify(1 == 1, reqid='SRS-004')
  • to generate a report use: In the example above, this was done the teardown() function for convenience. Normally it would be done in a separate mainline: (or some other python script):
      from pytest_ver import pth

The PDF and .txt files are put into the out folder:

ls out
protocol.json   pytest_ver.txt  summary.pdf  tp_results.pdf  trace.json  trace.txt
pytest_ver.log  summary.json    summary.txt  tp_results.txt  trace.pdf
  • the *.json files contain the protocol, step and verification info.
  • The .txt files are the reports in text format for easy searchability
  • The .pdf files are the reports
  • pytest_ver.log is the log output
  • pytest_ver.txt is the stdout capture from the doit script

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