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More descriptive output for parametrized py.test tests

Project description

Pytest parametrize hook to generate ids for parametrized tests that are a little more descriptive than the default (which just outputs id numbers).


Install with your favourite package manager, and this plugin will automatically be enabled:

pip install pytest-verbose-parametrize
# or ..
easy_install pytest-verbose-parametrize


import pytest

@pytest.mark.parametrize(('f', 't'), [(sum, list), (len, int)])
def test_foo(f, t):
    assert isinstance(f([[1], [2]]), t)

In this example, the test ids will be generated as test_foo[sum-list], test_foo[len-int] instead of the default test_foo[1-2], test_foo[3-4].

$ py.test -v
============================= test session starts ======================================
platform linux2 -- Python 2.7.3 -- py-1.4.25 -- pytest-2.6.4
plugins: verbose-parametrize
collected 2 items

unit/[sum-list] FAILED
unit/[len-int] PASSED


1.0 (2015-12-21)

  • Initial public release

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