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Algerian mobile phone number package

Project description

Python Algerian mobile phone number package

This package provides several methods to deal with Algerian phone numbers.

The aim of this package is to create a python community in Algeria and provide all possible libraries to make python frameworks and projects such as Django or Flask adapted to Algerian market and easy to use.

Inspired by the PHP Package authored by Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem.


Use the package manager pip to install Python Algerian mobile phone number package.

pip install python-algerian-mobile-phone-number



Create an instance of the class AlgerianMobilePhoneNumber and pass the phone number value as an attribute

  • Import
from python_algerian_mobile_phone_number import AlgerianMobilePhoneNumber
phoneNumber = AlgerianMobilePhoneNumber('0770000000')


phoneNumber = AlgerianMobilePhoneNumber('07 70 00 00 00')


phoneNumber = AlgerianMobilePhoneNumber('07-70-00-00-00')

NOTE: For now only space and hyphens "-" separated numbers are accepted.

NOTE: International phone indicative such 00213 or +213 are accepted.



To get the string representation of the instance use the built in function __str__:

phoneNumber.__str__() #'0770000000'


To compare two phone numbers:

other = AlgerianMobilePhoneNumber('0770000000')
phoneNumber.equalsTo(other) #True

isMobilis, isDjezzy and isOoredoo

To check the mobile phone number provider including Mobilis, Djezzy and Ooredoo

phoneNumber = AlgerianMobilePhoneNumber('0770000000')
phoneNumber.isMobilis() #False
phoneNumber.isDjezzy()  #True
phoneNumber.isOoredoo() #False


To change the phone number of an instance:

phoneNumber = AlgerianMobilePhoneNumber('0770000000')
phoneNumber.changeNumber('0798000000') #'0798000000'


The method takes one parameter named prefix -- values only '00' and '+'

phoneNumber = AlgerianMobilePhoneNumber('0770000000')
phoneNumber.convertToInternational()     #'00213770000000'
phoneNumber.convertToInternational('00') #'00213770000000'
phoneNumber.convertToInternational('+')  #'+213770000000'


The method convert the internaltionl number to local one. Accepts both '00213' and '+213'

phoneNumber = AlgerianMobilePhoneNumber('00213770000000')
phoneNumber.convertToLocal() #'0770000000'

NOTE: convertToInternational and convertToLocal does not change the number instance so you can assign it to a variable. If you want to change the class instance use changeNumber instead to avoid mistakes.


Contributions are welcome to give the best of this package.

  • Clone the repo:
$ git clone
  • Enter the cloned repository directory.


  • Install pytest:
$ pip install pytest
  • Run script for unit testing:
$ pytest


MIT License.

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