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Python argument design patterns in a composable interface.

Project description

python-args, inspired by attrs, removes the boilerplate of processing arguments to functions and methods.

Decorating your functions with python-args decorators like arg.validators can make your code more composable, more readable, and easier to test. Along with this, functions decorated with python-args can be used to by other tools and frameworks to build more expressive interfaces. The django-args and django-action-framework libraries are two examples.

The core python-args decorators are as follows:

  1. @arg.validators(*validation_funcs): Runs validation functions that can take the same named arguments as the decorated function. When decorating a function with arg.validators, you not only de-couple your function from argument validation logic, but python-args will allow other interfaces to only run the validators of your function.

  2. @arg.defaults(**arg_default_funcs): Sets arguments to default values. The default functions can similarly take the same named parameters of the decorated function.

  3. @arg.parametrize(**parametrize_funcs): Runs a function multiple times for a particular input.

  4. @arg.contexts(*context_funcs): Enters context managers before a function. Context managers can take the same named parameters as the decorated function.

View the docs here for a tutorial and more examples of how python-args can be used in practice.


View the python-args docs here.


Install python-args with:

pip3 install python-args

Contributing Guide

For information on setting up python-args for development and contributing changes, view CONTRIBUTING.rst.

Primary Authors

  • @wesleykendall (Wes Kendall)

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