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Python library for tracking water consumption from BVK (Brnenske vodarny a kanalizace,

Project description


Water conspmution scraper for BVK (Brnenské vodárny a kanalizace,

Note that you need to have the "smart" water-gauge installed. If you don't know what that is you probably don't have one. If you don't have one you have to ask them (BVK) to install it for you and you may have to wait a potentially long time - they are rolling them out gradually.


pip install python-bvk


To create the client object you need to provide your BVK username/password (the one you use on the customer portal

from bvk import Bvk
from dateutil import parser

# Create client
bvk = Bvk('username', 'password')

Use getwaterConsumption() method to get the water consumption data. It accepts a date_from and optionally a date_to, both of which have to be a object. If date_to is not specified the method returns data to today.


# Get water consumption data from the specified date to now
date_from = parser.parse('2020-08-01').date()
deferred_data = bvk.getWaterConsumption(date_from);

# Get water consumption data for a date interval
date_from = parser.parse('2020-08-01').date()
date_to = parser.parse('2020-08-11').date()
deferred_data = bvk.getWaterConsumption(date_from, date_to);

# Get water consumption data for a specific date (just 1 day)
date = parser.parse('2020-08-01').date()
deferred_data = bvk.getWaterConsumption(date, date);

You may call getWaterConsumption multiple times with different parameters. It returns a twisted.internet.defer.Deferred object that can be used to retrieve the price data in the future using a callback you need to provide.

def process_consumption(consumption)


If you have multiple Deferreds from multiple calls to getWaterConsumption you can use Bvk.join() to get a Deferred that will be resolved after all crawlers are finished.

The last callback should stop the reactor so it's shut down cleanly. Reactor should be stopped after all crawlers are done so the join() method comes in handy. Note that the reactor cannot be restarted so make sure this is the last thing you do:

from twisted.internet import reactor

d = bvk.join()
d.addBoth(lambda _: reactor.stop())

The last thing you need to do is run the reactor. The script will block until the crawling is finished and all configured callbacks executed.

Keep in mind the library is using Scrapy internally which means it is scraping the BVK customer portal to get the data. If BVK comes to think you are abusing the website they may block your IP address and/or account.



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