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Client for Congress

Project description

Client for Congress

Client for Standalone Congress

Install the Congress CLI by cloning the repository and running the setup file. The master repository always contains the latest source code, so if you are installing and testing a specific branch of Congress, clone the matching branch of the python-congressclient.

To execute CLI commands to standalone Congress installed with noauth:

  • Install python-openstackclient:

    $ pip install python-openstackclient
  • Clone master repository & install python-congressclient:

    $ git clone
    $ cd python-congressclient
    $ python install
  • (Optional) Clone a branch; for example, if you are using the Ocata version of OpenStack and Congress:

    $ git clone -b stable/ocata
    $ cd python-congressclient
    $ python install
  • Read the HTML documentation. Install python-sphinx and the oslosphinx extension if missing:

    $ sudo pip install sphinx
    $ sudo pip install oslosphinx

    Build the docs $ make docs

    Open doc/html/index.html in a browser

  • To execute CLI commands:

    $ cd python-congressclient
    For example:
    $ export CONGRESS_URL=""
    $ openstack --os-token foo --os-url $CONGRESS_URL
    (openstack) congress policy create test_policy
    | Field        | Value                                |
    | abbreviation | test_                                |
    | description  |                                      |
    | id           | 8595f24a-7d74-45ee-8168-0b3e937b8419 |
    | kind         | nonrecursive                         |
    | name         | test_policy                          |
    | owner_id     | user                                 |
    (openstack) congress policy rule create test_policy "p(5)"
    | Field   | Value                                |
    | comment | None                                 |
    | id      | 5ce7fb18-a227-447e-bec8-93e99c0052a5 |
    | name    | None                                 |
    | rule    | p(5)                                 |
    (openstack) congress policy rule list test_policy
    // ID: 5ce7fb18-a227-447e-bec8-93e99c0052a5
    // Name: None
    (openstack) exit


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