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Interact with US NLM Daily Med API using Python.

Project description

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Python Daily Med

This library interacts with the United States National Library of Medicine's Daily
Med API.


* Install Python requirements ``pip install -r ./requirements``




* `Read The API Documentation <>`_

Import and Instantiate

Importing an instantiating the Daily Med object:

.. code-block:: python

from daily_med import DailyMed
dm = DailyMed()

Structured Product Label Metadata

`get_spls` mirrors the `/spls` interface as documented `here

To get an iterator of all SPLs:

.. code-block:: python

spl_metas = dm.get_spls()

You can also perform an SPL search using any of the standard query parameters:

.. code-block:: python

simvastatin_metas = dm.get_spls(drug_name='Simvastatin')

Structured Product Label Documents

Once you have a `set_id` for an SPL, you can get its document:

.. code-block:: python

spl_document = dm.get_spl('0be2e371-1f05-48d7-8f2e-f2024f3305f3')

An SPL Document is basically just a dictionary representing the parsed XML

Known Issues / Road Map

- SPLDocument is only Python 2 compatible. Generate a Python3 version and integrate
an import switch for py2/3. Downfall is that this will add another 6mb of code to
the repo & coverage will be inaccurate because not everything is testable at once.



* LasLabs: `Icon <>`_.


* Dave Lasley <>


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This module is maintained by LasLabs Inc.

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