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Python wrapper for the Datamuse API

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Python wrapper and scripts for the Datamuse API. Available on PyPI at You can install this library with pip3 install python-datamuse.


Version 2.0.* (2022-10-22)

  • require Python 3.7
  • add @margaret to authors
  • upgrade trove classifier "Development Status" from "3 - Alpha" to "5 - Production/Stable"
  • specify all dependency version requirements
  • rename default branch main
  • build tool changes, see
  • (2.0.1) (2022-12-29): fix CI workflows

Version 1.3.* (2019-09-20)

  • Add optional arguments to suggest method
  • Document and test suggestion method
  • (1.3.1): Update README example
  • (1.3.1): Remove WORD_PARAMS
  • (1.3.1): Document words method
  • (1.3.2) (2022-04-04): Fix test_set_max bug

Version 1.2.* (2018-10-23)

  • Raise Python version to 3.6
  • Mock the Datamuse API for tests
  • Restructure project files
  • Set README as PyPI long description
  • (1.2.1): Fix README formatting on PyPI

Version 1.1.0 (2018-02-18)

  • Changed to Python 3
  • Uploaded to PyPI, added instructions for PyPI installation
  • Changed README example to reflect PyPI packaging
  • Set up Travis CI
  • Temporarily removed pandas
  • Changed mode of scripts to executable


>>> from datamuse import Datamuse
>>> api = Datamuse()
>>> api.words(rel_rhy='ninth', max=5)  # words that rhyme with "ninth"
>>> api.words(rel_rhy='orange', max=5)  # words that rhyme with "orange"
[{'word': 'door hinge', 'score': 74, 'numSyllables': 2}]
>>> api.words(rel_jja='yellow', max=5)  # things often described as "yellow"
[{'word': 'fever', 'score': 1001}, {'word': 'color', 'score': 1000}, {'word': 'flowers', 'score': 999}, {'word': 'light', 'score': 998}, {'word': 'colour', 'score': 997}]
>>> api.suggest(s='foo', max_results=10)  # completion suggestions for "foo"
[{'word': 'food', 'score': 3888}, {'word': 'foot', 'score': 3041}, {'word': 'fool', 'score': 1836}, {'word': 'football', 'score': 1424}, {'word': 'footage', 'score': 1328}, {'word': 'footprint', 'score': 1082}, {'word': 'foolish', 'score': 967}, {'word': 'foof', 'score': 930}, {'word': 'footing', 'score': 786}, {'word': 'foolproof', 'score': 697}]

Note that the default number of results is set to 100. You can set the default max to something else using the set_max_default method, e.g. api.set_max_default(300). Datamuse only returns 1000 results max.

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