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Python bindings for Edje

Project description

Python bindings for Edje, part of Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

Edje is a complex graphical design & layout library, designed to be used with “Evas” canvas system, also part of EFL.

It doesn’t pretend to do containering and regular layout like a widget set. For the purposes of Enlightenment 0.17, Edje should serve all the purposes of creating visual elements (borders of windows, scrollbars, etc.) and allow the designer the ability to animate, layout and control the look and feel of any program using Edje as its basic GUI constructor. This library allows for multiple collections of layouts in one file, sharing the same image database and thus allowing a whole theme to be conveneintly packaged into 1 file and shipped around.

Edje separates the layout and behavior logic. Edje files ship with an image database, used by all the parts in all the collections to source graphical data. It has a directory of logical part names pointing to the part collection entry ID in the file (thus allowing for multiple logical names to point to the same part collection, allowing for the sharing of data betwene display elements). Each part collection consists of a list of visual parts, as well as a list of programs. A program is a conditionally run program that if a particular event occurs (a button is pressed, a mouse enters or leaves a part) will trigger an action that may affect other parts. In this way a part collection can be “programmed” via its file as to hilight buttons when the mouse passes over them or show hidden parts when a button is clicked somewhere etc. The actions performed in changing from one state to another ar also allowed to transition over a period of time, allowing animation.

This separation and simplistic event driven style of programming can produce almost any look and feel one could want for basic visual elements. Anything more complex is likely the domain of an application or widget set that may use Edje as a convenient way of being able to configure parts of the display.

Edje files may contain small scripts written in Embryo (a variant of C, originally called Small, later renamed to PAWN).

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