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A distributed lock recipe for etcd

Project description

## Python Lock library for ETCD 2.0

Since ETCD 0.4, all [the built in modules were removed](, including the locking module. The API still provides an atomic compare-and-swap method to implement locking, thus providing the core functionality to create semaphores and mutexes. This library is built on top of that, matching the API that was in [python-etcd]( before it was removed as much as possible.

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#### Simple Usage

import etcd
from etcdlock import Lock

lock = Lock(etcd.Client(), 'path/to/my/key')
while lock
# lock is acquired
# lock will renew itself by default until released
# do work
request = ....

# check if we still have the lock
if lock.is_locked() is False:

#### Explicit Usage

import etcd
from etcdlock import Lock

client = client = etcd.Client(host='', protocol='https', port=443, version_prefix='/etcd')
lock = Lock(client, 'path/to/my/key', ttl=30, renewSecondsPrior=)
if lock.acquire(timeout=20):
t = Thread(target=someheavywork)
# some other work
lock.release() # not recommended, use a context manager
# failed to acquire the lock in 20 seconds

Please see [the tests]( while the documentation is lacking, thanks.

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