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Python wrapper for the Etsy api

Project description


To make it easier to interact with the Etsy API in Python.


sudp pip install python-etsy



>>> from etsy import Etsy
>>> e = Etsy(consumer_key, consumer_secret) # gotten from signing up at

Get info for user

>>> e.get_user_info('priestc')
{u'count': 1,
 u'pagination': {},
 u'params': {u'user_id': u'priestc'},
 u'results': [{u'creation_tsz': 1338405910,
   u'feedback_info': {u'count': 0, u'score': None},
   u'login_name': u'priestc',
   u'referred_by_user_id': None,
   u'user_id': 22138099}],
 u'type': u'User'}

Searching for users

>>> e.find_user('william')
{u'count': 27956,
 u'pagination': {u'effective_limit': 25,
  u'effective_offset': 0,
  u'effective_page': 1,
  u'next_offset': 25,
  u'next_page': 2},
 u'params': {u'keywords': u'william',
  u'limit': 25,
  u'offset': 0,
  u'page': None},
 u'results': [{u'creation_tsz': 1320715538,
   u'feedback_info': {u'count': 0, u'score': None},
   u'login_name': u'almostbohemian',
   u'referred_by_user_id': None,
   u'user_id': 17479899},
  {u'creation_tsz': 1335125907,
   u'feedback_info': {u'count': 0, u'score': None},
   u'login_name': u'Blawesomes',
   u'referred_by_user_id': None,
   u'user_id': 21276820},
  {u'creation_tsz': 1339310987,
   u'feedback_info': {u'count': 0, u'score': None},
   u'login_name': u'cityfleet',
   u'referred_by_user_id': None,
   u'user_id': 22385428},
  {u'creation_tsz': 1321655636,
   u'feedback_info': {u'count': 2, u'score': 100},
   u'login_name': u'way2easy4ron',
   u'referred_by_user_id': None,

Showing listings

Listings are items that are for sale on the site.

>>> e.show_listings(color='#FF00FF')
{u'count': 15,
 u'pagination': {u'effective_limit': 25,
  u'effective_offset': 0,
  u'effective_page': 1,
  u'next_offset': None,
  u'next_page': None},
 u'params': {u'category': None,
  u'color': u'#FF0000',
  u'color_accuracy': u'5',
  u'geo_level': u'city',
  u'keywords': None,
  u'lat': None,
  u'limit': 25,
  u'location': None,
  u'lon': None,
  u'materials': None,
  u'max_price': None,
  u'min_price': None,
  u'offset': 0,
  u'page': None,
  u'sort_on': u'created',
  u'sort_order': u'down',
  u'tags': None},
 u'results': [{u'brightness': 99,
   u'category_id': 69152465,
   u'category_path': [u'Patterns', u'Handmade'],
   u'creation_tsz': 1343606971,
   u'currency_code': u'USD',
   u'description': u'This listing is for...',
   u'ending_tsz': 1354165200,
   u'featured_rank': 0,
   u'hue': 0,
   u'is_black_and_white': False,
   u'is_supply': None,
   u'last_modified_tsz': 1343606971,
   u'listing_id': 55489116,
   u'materials': [u'pdf email pattern', u'beads', u'needles and thread'],
   u'num_favorers': 4,
   u'occasion': None,
   u'original_creation_tsz': 1283592254,
   u'price': u'35.00',
   u'quantity': 1,
   u'recipient': None,
   u'saturation': 100,
   u'shop_section_id': 6766997,
   u'state': u'active',
   u'state_tsz': 1323227794,
   u'style': None,
   u'tags': [u'beading',
    u'snow leopard',
    u'dust team',
    u'ebw team'],

Authenticating with OAuth

>>> e.get_auth_url(permissions=['email_r', 'listings_r'])
 'oauth_token_secret': u'XXXXXXXXXX',
 'url': u''}

The user then is redirected to the URL (you must save the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret for later in step two).

The list of all permissions can be found [here.](

Once the user click the link and authenticates your app, the user then copy/pastes the verification code back to your app

>>> e.get_auth_token(verification_code, oauth_token, oauth_token_secret)
 'oauth_token_secret': u'XXXXXXXXXXXX'}

The new oauth_token and oauth_token_secret are permanent and should be stored in a database for use in all subsequent api requests that require authentication.

Making authenticated requests

When instantiating the Etsy object, include the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret along with the consumer_key and consumer_secret:

>>> from etsy import Etsy
>>> e = Etsy(consumer_key, consumer_secret, oauth_token, oauth_token_secret)

Now you have access to all authentication only methods, as well as the magic __SELF__ identifier:

>>> e.get_user_info('__SELF__')
{u'count': 1,
 u'pagination': {},
 u'params': {u'user_id': u'__SELF__'},
 u'results': [{u'creation_tsz': 1344140248,
   u'feedback_info': {u'count': 0, u'score': None},
   u'login_name': u'priestc',
   u'primary_email': u'',
   u'referred_by_user_id': None,
   u'user_id': 14888663}],
 u'type': u'User'}

Notice the addition of the primary_email field, this is because this user authenticated with the app using the ‘email_r’ permission.

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