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CSV File Info List Generator from Folders and Subfolders

Project description

CSV File Info List Generator from Folders and Subfolders

Export files information from directory and subdirectory with process monitor.

Currently only .csv format supported for output/export.

GitHub Repo:


Do the following in your virtualenv:

pip install python-export-file-info


from python_export_file_info import FileListGenerator

Minimal Code Example:

from python_export_file_info import FileListGenerator

myfolder = FileListGenerator(folder='/home/')

Generate Options:

Syntax Default Options Description
monitor False True / False Show process bar on terminal.
filename exported_list.csv any .csv Output CSV Filename.
index True True / False Add ID column.
file_prefix None any Prefix of file column.
remove_non_ascii False True / False Remove Non ASCII Characters from File Name
  • remove_non_ascii may unable to find your files.
  • /dir/myfile.mp3 > file_prefix='new/sub/' > new/sub/dir/myfile.mp3
  • Default Output Folder: output/ [In Project Root].

Full Code Example:

from python_export_file_info import FileListGenerator

scan_folder_path = r"C:\Users\sannjayy\Desktop"
myfolder = FileListGenerator(folder=scan_folder_path, output_path='newpath/')
myfolder.filter_extensions = ('.mp4', '.mp3') 
myfolder.generate(monitor=True, filename='pyfiles.csv')
  • To Filter Files by Extensions [Optional]: folder.filter_extensions = ('.mp4', '.mp3', '.jpg').

  • To change the default output path use output_path='newpath/'


Exported demo csv file structure.

ID Name Extention Size File CRC32 (hash) SH1 (hash) MD5 (hash) Modified Date Created Date
1 myfile .mp3 4.29 MB /dir/myfile.mp3 362... 8dcdb... 1a717... 2022-06-19 13:33:12 2022-05-19 10:45:12

Developed by Sanjay Sikdar.

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