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Python client for Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM)

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Python client for Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM)


.. code-block:: bash

pip install python-gcm


* Supports multicast message
* Resend messages using exponential back-off
* Proxy support
* Easily handle errors
* Uses `requests` from version > 0.2
* `Topic Messaging <>`__
* TCP connection pooling and Keep-Alive when passing an explict requests.Session object to the used GCM request call


Read about `Google Cloud Messaging <>`__

.. code-block:: python

from gcm import GCM

gcm = GCM(API_KEY)
data = {'param1': 'value1', 'param2': 'value2'}

# Downstream message using JSON request
reg_ids = ['token1', 'token2', 'token3']
response = gcm.json_request(registration_ids=reg_ids, data=data)

# Downstream message using JSON request with extra arguments
res = gcm.json_request(
registration_ids=reg_ids, data=data,
collapse_key='uptoyou', delay_while_idle=True, time_to_live=3600

# Topic Messaging
topic = 'topic name'
gcm.send_topic_message(topic=topic, data=data)

See `examples <examples>`_ directory for more usage details, including error handling.

See ` <>`_


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