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Library for generating Ethernet MAC addresses

Project description


Python library for working with Ethernet MAC addresses. Functions for generating transforming and testing MAC addresses.

Uses Wireshark's manuf, or s similarly formated file as input for specific Vendor ID(VID) bytes, for creating more

Supported functions:


total_random() - Procedurely generated MAC address, using random function.

vid_file_random(file) - uses random line from wireshark's manuf file

vid_file_vendor(file, vendor name, desc=optional) - specify a vendor name, uses wireshark's manuf file instead of being completely random. May optionally specify desc, which searches description within the vendor field

vid_provided(vid bytes) - specify the VID bytes when calling the function. Random device bytes will be generated.


list_vendors(file) - return a python set{} of uniqe valid vendors, from a wireshark manuf file

is_mac_address(mac) - Takes a string, and checks if it is a valid Ethernet MAC address. returns True or False(bool type)


get_vid_bytes(mac) - Returns the vendor bytes(first three) from a MAC address.

another_same_vid(mac) - Generates another MAC with diffrent device bytes with same vendor bytes as input


Import and set up an object.

from generate_mac import generate_mac

Procedurely generated Vendor and Host bytes. Checks for broadcast bit


Read Vendor bytes from random line in a file. This has to be formated the same as wireshark's manuf file.


Read from a manuf file like above, but find Vendor bytes belonging to a specific vendor, by name.


OPTIONAL: this can also now search the description field


Provide the vendor bytes in a string. Generate Host bytes only


List valid vendor options as a list.


Check if a MAC address is valid. returns a Bool(True,False)


Get the VID bytes from a MAC address


Generate another MAC from the same VID bytes as current MAC


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