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Graphite-dashgen automates the creation of Graphite dashboards

Project description


Graphite-dashgen automates the creation of Graphite dashboards. It creates per-host or per-group dashboards based on YAML configuration files. The per-host host dashboards are designed to create dashboards on existing collectd metrics. Unlike most of the alternatives below, this project seeks to use existing Graphite 0.9.9+ code.


# Graphite Maintenance
# Delete stale Graphite data
0   22  *   *   *   find /opt/graphite/storage/log/ -type f -mtime +180 -delete
0   22  *   *   *   find /opt/graphite/storage/whisper/collectd/ -type f -mtime +90 -delete
0   22  *   *   *   find /opt/graphite/storage/whisper/statsd/ -type f -mtime +90 -delete
# Delete empty directories
0   23  *   *   *   find /opt/graphite/storage/log/ -type d -empty -delete
0   23  *   *   *   find /opt/graphite/storage/whisper/collectd/ -type d -empty -delete
0   23  *   *   *   find /opt/graphite/storage/whisper/statsd/ -type d -empty -delete
# Regenerate all dashboards
@daily /usr/local/sbin/ -q -f /usr/local/etc/dashgen/dashconf.yml -f /usr/local/etc/dashgen/all_*.yml -H '*'

The crontab example above:

  1. Cleans-up old graphite logs

  2. Cleans-up old whisper databases

  3. Regenerates per-host dashboards using the following configuration files

    1. dashconf.yml: base configuration values

    2. all_dash.yml: per-host dashboard configuration (HOST_all dashboards)

    3. all_graphs.yml: per-host graph defintions for collectd metrics


  • YAML Configuration Files

    • Target entries are as close to web GUI as possible to make it easier to go back and forth

  • Dashboard Types

    1. Per-Host

    2. Per-Group

  • Per-Host Graphs

    • Types

      1. Host Metrics: identified by glob_verify and may contain glob_metrics

      2. Carbon Metrics: identified by carbon_match and host

    • The combination of glob_metrics and glob_verify should result in a single filesystem glob match

  • String Templates

    • Named substitutions draw from target_vars. Graph definitions that contain named substitutions not in target_vars are skipped.

    • Common target_vars include:

      • ${color_combined}

      • ${color_free}

      • ${host}

      • ${metric}

  • Graphite Graph Tips and Tricks

    • Lines drawn by graphite obscure the lines drawn before them. Z order is important. Consequently, many of the graphs’ metrics change color depending on their values.

    • For graphs that feature a free metric (ex. memory), that free metric is always green (green should not be included in the template’s lineColor)


  • Graphite 0.9.9+

  • PyYAML (Ubuntu package: python-yaml)

To Do

  • More documentation!

  • Use templates with different colorList to easily differentiate graphs

  • (?) should graphs be sorted by parent instead of children (ex. all disk vda graphs before any vdb graphs)


A slightly different (and refreshing) take on Graphite dashboards:

The following projects existed before Graphite included a dashboard view:

The Graphite 0.9.12 documentation includes a good list of related software:



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