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Harvest api client

Project description

Python Harvest Oauth

This is a fork from which is a fork of, but adapted to use Oauth2.
The changes are fairly significant, hence the different version and development status classifier.

Pull requests and issues are welcome!

Improving the unit tests is currently the main priority, but any help is welcome.
The tasks are managed by a public Taiga project you can access `here <>`_.


This package builds the URL and redirect needed for Harvest authentication, and
provides methods for initial retrieval and refresh of Oauth2 tokens. The Harvest
domain, client id and redirect URL are needed for instantiation like so::

HARVEST_DOMAIN = 'Harvest domain that access is needed'
HARVEST_CLIENT_ID = 'Harvest client id you get after creating Oauth2 app in Harvest.'
HARVEST_CLIENT_SECRET = 'Harvest client secret you get after creating Oauth2 app in Harvest.'
REDIRECT = 'Redirect URL for to redirect to after successful authentication.'

harvest_client = HarvestRestClient(

After instantiation, harvest_client.authorize_url will have the url needed authenticate with Harvest.
After successful authentication, Harvest will redirect to REDIRECT with a `code` query param.
The value for it is needed to request the access and refresh tokens.
The tokens need to be saved somewhere by your app.::

CODE = 'String submitted in query param'

ACCESS, REFRESH = harvest_client.get_tokens(CODE, HARVEST_CLIENT_SECRET)

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