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A wrapper library for Hacker News Search API (provided by Algolia)

Project description

HackerNews / Algolia Python Library

This is a simple library to interface with HN Search API (provided by Algolia).

Install instructions

$ pip install python-hn


Check out Interactive Docs to try the library without installing it.

from hn import search_by_date

# Search everything (stories, comments, etc) containing the keyword 'python'

# Search everything (stories, comments, etc) from author 'pg' and keyword 'lisp'
search_by_date('lisp', author='pg', created_at__lt='2018-01-01')

# Search only stories
search_by_date('lisp', author='pg', stories=True, created_at__lt='2018-01-01')

# Search stories *or* comments
search_by_date(q='lisp', author='pg', stories=True, comments=True, created_at__lt='2018-01-01')

Tags are part of HN Search API provided by Algolia. You can read more in their docs. They can form complex queries, for example:

# All the comments in the story `6902129`
tags = PostType('comment') & StoryID('6902129')

The available tags are:

  • PostType: with options story, comment, poll, pollopt, show_hn, ask_hn, front_page.
  • Author: receives the username as param (Author('pg')).
  • StoryID: receives the story id (StoryID('6902129'))

Filters can be applied to restrict the search by:

  • Creation Date: created_at
  • Points: points
  • Number of comments: num_comments

They can accept >, <, >=, <= operators with a syntax similar to Django's.

  • lt (<): Lower than. Example ponts__lt=100
  • lte (<=): Lower than or equals to. Example ponts__lte=100
  • gt (>): Greater than. Example created_at__gt='2018' (created after 2018-01-01).
  • gte (>=): Greater than or equals to. Example num_comments__gte=50.

Examples (See Algolia docs for more info):

# Created after October 1st, 2018

# Created after October 1st, 2017 and before January 1st 2018
search_by_date(created_at__gt='2018-10', created_at__lt='2018')

# Stories with *exactly* 1000 points
search_by_date(tags=PostType('story'), points=1000)

# Comments with more than 50 points
search_by_date(tags=PostType('comment'), points__gt=50)

# Stories with 100 comments or more
search_by_date(tags=PostType('story'), num_comments__gt=100)



  • V0.0.3: Post type aliases
  • V0.0.2 CURRENT: Functioning API
  • V0.0.1: Initial Version

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